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  1. JPetroSS

    FSXA Aircraft dark after custom bump maps

    Hello guys, I made some custom bump maps for the Captain Sim's 767 using the nVidia Tools for Photoshop. The problem is that with my custom bump maps, the aircraft appears too dark and shiny. What is wrong here? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Peter
  2. JPetroSS

    How to create a simple rwy light effect?

    Hello everyone, my next tast is to create a simple runway light effect, one that I will attach onto a runway light object. Is there a good tutorial on how to create a light fx that will be off during the daytime and on during dawn, day and dusk? I mean the coding part is my problem as I've...
  3. JPetroSS

    FSXA Ground Polygon appears broken

    Hello Arno, I'm sorry to bother again. First of all, thank you for this great tool you provided us. I seem to have a problem with ground polygons though. My ground polygon appears broken in triangles or missing parts of it when exported as a layer in MCX. I usually use a 4096x4096 rectangle...
  4. JPetroSS

    FSXA Multiple light objects - Export ERROR

    Hope its the last post I make for a while....been posting a lot of questions lately. I created a lamp and attached a light effect on it in order to use it for runway lighting. If I export just one lamp, everything's ok....however...if I try to export more than one lamp or an array of lamps, I...
  5. JPetroSS

    FSXA Default FSX RWY light FX ?

    Hello guys, what is the default FSX runway light effect called? I know its something like fx_ ?? I want to attach this effect to a runway light object for a runway I am making. Any help would be great. Petros
  6. JPetroSS

    FSXA Edge Grass transparency Issue

    Hello guys once again. I'm facing this issue now that lies on the edge grass texture I'm using. The transparency I've used is "visible" on top of the groundPoly and it seems like it is excluding it. I have used a vertically lofted line in order to create the grass. The parameters are: Set...
  7. JPetroSS

    FSXA Detail texture power scale?

    Hello, I'd like to know...is it possible for one to adjust how visible the detail texture will be through the main texture map? I tried applying a light alpha channel on the detail texture but that didn't work. Is there another way? Thanks! Peter
  8. JPetroSS

    FSXA How to use LODs in 1.4 ?

    Hello guys, I've been looking at the 1.4 build of MCX and I came across the "Define LODs" section. What is this? How can I utilize it? Thank you all!
  9. JPetroSS

    FSXA Polygon transparency & clouds

    Hello guys, I noticed this the other day. The clouds seem to be invisible through the transparent parts of my fence (as seen in the screenshot). I've used the FSX Gamepack for this polygon and some usual transparency parameters (Z-write Alpha, Set default Transparent, Double-Sided). Can I...
  10. JPetroSS

    FSXA Polygon doesn't read the Alpha channel ?

    Hello again, now this is what I'm trying to do. As you can see I'm trying to use a simple polygon with Alpha channel in order to create a surrounding fence around the tower, but unfortunately it does not appear transparent. I have used a texture with alpha channel for transparency. Is there a...
  11. JPetroSS

    FSXA 3DSMax 2014 & FSX Gamepack

    Hello guys, is there a way for the 3DSMax 2014 version to work with the FSX Gamepack ? Or maybe is there another way one can export to .mdl using 3DSMax 2014? Thanks
  12. JPetroSS

    FSXA Dark areas on the 3D Object

    Hello everyone, again I'm having an issue with this building I'm making. As you can see in the screenshot, some darker triangular areas have appeared on my building. This issue occurred when I started mapping the tower building (num 2). Is there anything I can do? I'm not sure if this is due...
  13. JPetroSS

    FSXA Distortion in building texture

    Hello everyone. I've been mapping my building without any problems, except for this wall shown in the screenshot. Why does this happen there?? Is there a way I can correct this? Thank you all! Petros
  14. JPetroSS

    FSXA What if you run out of space in the UVW Unwrap?

    I predict that I'm gonna run out of space in the UVW Unwrap map for an object I'm creating..! In this case, what can be done? Thanks!
  15. JPetroSS

    FSXA LGML - Milos National Airport, Greece

    Hello everyone. I dare to announce my first scenery project here; Milos, Greece. Now, I will not claim that this will be a payware-quality-super-accurate-scenery miracle, but whatever I have learned from FSDeveloper, I have applied into this scenery. The buildings have specular, bump and night...
  16. JPetroSS

    FSXA How do I add more material ID's to the Unwrap UVW ?

    Hello everyone, I want to ask this: How can I add more material ID's to an already existing unwrap UVW modifier? I had assigned ID's to some faces on my building (number 2-10) and I fit them onto the UVW bitmap. However, I later assigned more ID's on more faces and still, my UVW modifier only...
  17. JPetroSS

    FSXA Am I supposed to texture this?