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  1. mamu

    MSFS Visibility

    what about using this simvar? (A:LIGHT NAV,bool)
  2. mamu

    What is required to change default terrain.

    Hi John To remove the water in an area, you need to add a polygon type water, select exclude, and in the water type select the right water to be excluded. Maybe you need to try some of them to find the right one (lake, river and so on) The material editor has a bitmap preview checkbox, if you...
  3. mamu

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    The software came with an EULA that doesn't explicitly prevent sharing the package [emoji848] I'm really sorry about the abuse some dishonest sellers did with Pavoo's tools. Maybe be should also revoke the Eula and fix License page https://msfs.nool.ee/getting-started/license/ Inviato dal...
  4. mamu

    MSFS Getting Started with Dev Mode for Aircraft Mod

    If you are not into programming the layout.json can be a little difficult to write manually, in that case this is really useful! https://github.com/HughesMDflyer4/MSFSLayoutGenerator
  5. mamu

    MSFS Getting Started with Dev Mode for Aircraft Mod

    It is very simple The whole msfs file system supports file overriding Basically, Packages with the same files name and directory structure will override the same files loaded before them in the virtual file system ,according to the fixed order decided by Asobo : fs-base / Official / Community...
  6. mamu

    MSFS How to make textures half transparent not fully transparent

    Did you try setting painting the alpha of the image grey? Alpha blend reads the alpha channel of the image Between full black alpha (transparent) or full white (opaque) there are 253 shades of grey. You can pain the alpha in gimp or Photoshop or any other paint program supporting alpha Channel
  7. mamu

    Make Ground Polygon

    Export the plane as a normal 3d object Compile In the scenery editor objects dropdown, look for ProjectedMesh, find your objects among the other ones and add it to the SIM, finish You can stack up projectedmesh like aprons or polygons, everyone with their priorities (like layer ina...
  8. mamu

    msfs windmill (missing beacon)

    Unfortunately, no Inviato dal mio Mi 9 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. mamu

    msfs windmill (missing beacon)

    There are no special settings, The Windmill simobject itself doesn't include the warning lights The lights effects are from a separate database (lights/OSM feature, the same type of the street lights/orbs )
  10. mamu

    MSFS Multiple Water Bases

    Hi Gary, Afaik there is nothing preventing to add multiple airport objects in a single SDK project So copy/pasting in the .xml, changing the coordinates/ICAO/naming will work, but doing that manually can be a challenge, especially for runway startup positions that are mandatory and must fit...
  11. mamu

    Remove asobo vehicles

    The answer from @mgr is part of the solution. The services.xml define the service "per parking", and is mostly related to aircraft dollys/pushback truck, workers, stairs, ground power unit and so on. Bus, fuel trucks are related to the presence of parkings in your airport, but are controlled...
  12. mamu

    SDK Problem Windsock with wind direction, please ....

    Make sure that the Behaviors section is in the right place in your model.xml The template is really easy Basically is only looking for an animation with the name "Orientation", it doesn't even care about the name of the object! <Template Name="ASOBO_WindDirection_Template">...
  13. mamu

    SDK Problem Windsock with wind direction, please ....

    Make sure that your sock is attached to an empty with the name "Orientation" and the animations strip in the NLA is Orientation too, that is all is needed to make the orientation work Inviato dal mio Mi 9 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. mamu

    package not showing up in objects list

    Your 1.gltf model has something wrong , the fspackagetool can give you some more details about what's going wrong (most likely bad geometry, some clean up in Blender and will be fine) Than you have some problems with marketplacedata, those where introduced with SU10 (or was is SU9 or 8?). Best...
  15. mamu

    ExclusionRectangle no longer working

    While in Dev Mode you package is loaded on top of everything , so they can exclude pretty much everything When in community your package is loaded with the VFS rules, so if you package name is alphabetically before the one you want to exclude it won't work What are you trying to remove?
  16. mamu

    MSFS part of the object is invisible

    By looking at your screenshot, you can see a lot of dotted lines going from the meshes to the Blender world origin, this means that there are a lot of parenting relations among your meshes, and aplly transforms blindly to all is not a good idea. Sometimes fixing an imported object takes more...
  17. mamu

    MSFS part of the object is invisible

    Without the opportunity to take a look at the object itselft we can only guess But most likely : The object maybe has some arrays in the crane part, you need to make sure that they are applied on exporting (in the export window, expand the Geometry tab and click on Apply modifiers), or you can...
  18. mamu

    MSFS Animated People (Character Animation)

    Maybe you can give a try at this, All with Blender, mixamo is used only as a source of the fbx animation, but you can use any animation source Takes some time to setup the character, but then you have full control over it Basically the "big" deal beyond the bones/blender animation is that you...
  19. mamu

    Asobo glTF extension import issue

    You can't use Asobo plugin to import already compiled assets for copyright/piracy reasons For repaints you need to stay with the old msfs2blender (and afaik works in 3.1 too, at least in 3.0)
  20. mamu

    Cannot Get Lights to Export

    make sure that the lights are a child of your mesh