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    bgl2xml Help needed

    I need some help to de-compile/convert the attacheded BGL-file to a XML-file in order to delete some 3D objects which i want to re-design. and replace. Thanks in advance. Regards Bert
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    ADE-check report

    When i use ADE-check i get this message. Please see attached image. I use win7 32 bit and FSX SP2. Version numbers are not correct? 1.47.03 =
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    Happy NY

    To the flightsimcommunity and their families From worldoffs.com regards Bert
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    FSX SP2 scenery library & win7 32bit

    I am having problems using the scenery library; i am not the only one i saw at other forums...does anyone knows if there has been a fix available yet? Thx in advance Bert
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    FSX Traffic-file FS9 and/or FSX

    I have checked with AIFPv16 a traffic.bgl file from MAIW for FS9 and this one converted in AIFP to a Traffic_FSX.bgl. Both time AIFP showed exactly which version of FS it was. Then I tested both files seperately in FSX (world\scenery) and only the FS9! file worked and... also all the FSX AI...
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    FSX Nowbody knows....the answer?

    Until now i did not get any reply on my former post: I have installed FSX and SP2. Also the SDK and SDK2. But still no TOOLS, but all third parties are there. FSX shows version 10.0.61355 which is i believe SP1.:confused: What should i see under "About" as version of FSX when SP2 is...
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    Flights stored in FSX

    What is de best or original place to store these flightfiles like PLN, FLT, FSSAVE and WX? I see them in Doc & settings and in FSX; every add-on has his own way to store it seems....and not all of them are showed. Thanks in advance. Bert
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    ILS compiler error ADE/FSX

    hi All, I have tried to add ILS to my virtual airport EDB1. After saving and compiling with ADE v1.40.09 i got an error report about duplicate waypoints.... Please any help? Thanks in advance. Regards. Bert
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    Software guide for the MS Flightsimulator

    Please visit http://www.worldoffs.com/ to read this guide and don't hesitate to give your comments; they are most welcome:) Regards Bert
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    Flatten problem

    In the past i have designed a virtual airport in Germany with ADE which produced these files: EDB1_ADE_BVK_CVX.BGL EDB1_ADE_BVK_ALT.BGL EDB1_ADE_BVK.BGL and showed up and worked very well. Now i have bought Aerosoft Germany 1 West and my own airport is partly showing up. My question is:Which...
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    FSDSv3.5 problem compiling

    From one moment to another i don't get a bgl anymore with just the same inputdata-files. Please give me any hint how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Bert
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    Exception Issues with Version 1.38

    hi Don, After installing AIFP v1.38 i got these messages; please see the attachement. Regards Bert
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    missing polygon

    I had made 2 virtual airports EDB1 and EDB2, both with exclusion-polygons. Both are working good in FSX, but only one (EDB1) is coming up in ADE and the second one (EDB2) is not. Where did i lost this polygon:confused: Please have a look at my files. Bert
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    AI F50 turns back halfway the runway

    Hi All, Can anyone please give me some advise how to solve this problem? The virtual airport EDB1 where this only happens is attached. Included too is the AIFP-plan and other airports involved in the FP. I have made my virtual airports with ADE, that's why i have put this problem here, because...
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    learnig proces/exclusion roads

    hi Developers, I am still in the learning proces of ADE and there is already a lot of progress, however one item i cann't get right yet. That is the exclusion of cartraffic/road at my airport. For my experiments i am designing virtual airports like this one EDB1 (please see attachement). I...
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    Height difference FSX and ADE

    Hi Jon and/or other developers, I have noticed a heightdifference of about 4 feet between FSX-default and ADE designs. Is there a special reason for this fact? Regards Bert
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    Scenery library complete blanc

    The scenery.cfg file seems to be okay, but the scenery library in FSX stays completely blanc. Please any advise? Bert
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    Yellow square

    Hi Jon, Just a (dumm)question using the present ADEv1.20. I got this big yellow square(please see the attached image); is this an exclusionbox or something else; the tower...? Kind regards. Bert
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    Can somebody please inform me about this version of FSX: the XPack. This version was mentioned at Phil Taylor's weblog on Jan 24, 2008 RTM: 10.0.60905 SP1: 10.0.61355 (Russian: 10.0.61357) SP2: 10.0.61472 XPack: 10.0.61637 Can you buy and/or download it? Thanks in...
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    FSX is flying in heavy weather

    When you take time to read the different FSX forums these days, you will recognize that FSX is really flying in rather heavy weather ...After the launching of SP2 more problems exist then were solved.... What is the future of this version of our beloved Flightsimulator? Just FSXI or.....? Will...