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    Visibility based on player circumstances/parking pos

    Hello again community. I have posted here before asking about visibility of models. i just about get the concept of making stuff appear or disappear based on date, time of day etc. however, having recently released my airport EFKI (kajaani) on the marketplace, i would like to further inquire...
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    SU9 and SimObjects

    Hello, anyone else having issues with Simobjects not working anymore as of the latest update? i have a static aircraft model that is a simobject (because im triggering visibility for different times of the day) and it just stops appearing. it doesnt seem to be even compiled anymore although the...
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    Approach lights

    Hello everyone, bit of an odd one, i am actually REPLACING all my approach lights in my project (EFKI - KAJAANI) with custom models and hence, i wont have the full luminosity/glow/brightness of the actual approach lights that come with the sim. pictures below: As you can see, the custom...
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    SimObject visbility based on year / month

    Hello everyone, i'm having some issues with visibility in MSFS SimObjects. Essentially what i want to do, is show/hide an object by year. whats funny is that this worked perfectly well, but it broke before christmas (after an update, unless i did something terribly wrong and dont recall). anyone...
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    ----------RELEASED NOW!-----------
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    a few random (but important) questions

    hey, i'm knee deep in the msfs dev tools now, professional games dev here so i understand what im doing. a few things im wondering, some of them have been discussed before but i'd like to know the current state: -can lights be REMOVED yet from the asobo/blackshark default placement (floating...
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    a little preview of kajaani airport, kainuu, finland, just about my favourite place in the universe.
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    Texture (overlap?!) issue

    Hey all, im slowly getting the hang of the editor, even though, coming from Unreal engine, i find asobos tools to be horrendous to work with. anyways. having this really ugly texture issue, for some reason it doesnt look like that when editing at all, only when building the package and running...
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    Recruitment MD-80 project

    Hello everyone, I am a professional 3D artist; having previously worked on commercial FPS projects but with a passion for aviation, i started creating the MD-80 with the intention of releasing it comercially for MSFS. I am in the final stages of the main a/c mesh, with cockpit in early phases. I...