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Search results

  1. jencas

    MSFS Hahnweide EDST - now the OTT22 edition

    Could be some sort of berlinish ;)
  2. jencas

    MSFS Hahnweide EDST - now the OTT22 edition

    Well, I was sooo excited about these scenery details that I forgot I'm in an english forum. I'm totally sorry!
  3. jencas

    MSFS Hahnweide EDST - now the OTT22 edition

    Janz jrosset Kinno!
  4. jencas

    FSX Rovaniemi, EFRO

    Had the same problem. Use a download manager like this one.
  5. jencas

    MSFS Grumman S2F-3AT (S2T) Turbo Tracker

    :eek:😻 Holy moly, are these really shots from the simulator?????
  6. jencas

    MSFS EDMK - Kempten Durach

    Was there during vacation in 2019, nice little airfield. Good to see it coming to MSFS2020.
  7. jencas

    Westerland/Sylt | EDXW | GWT

    That looks like just short of the finishing line.... Any approximate release date for MSFS2020 yet?
  8. jencas

    MSFS ZUZH - Panzhihua

    Never flew around China in the simulator, but this airport is changing my mind. Nearly 2000m elevation looks like a nice challenge.
  9. jencas

    KGFK Grand Forks

    Afaik SODE does not exist for FS9, so the question should be: FSX or P3D?
  10. jencas

    P3D v5 Project Russia-Eurasia

    Wow, never realized that it's such a big project.
  11. jencas

    MSFS First Project - Small Airfield

    That's looking highly promising!
  12. jencas

    MSFS KLGU (Utah) Freeware and Alpine, WY (46U) - WIP

    That's looking GREAT!!
  13. jencas

    MSFS LSZW - Thun Airfield

    UNBELIEVABLE F R E E W A R E!!! (sorry for shouting out loud ;))
  14. jencas

    MSFS Simmershome Syros will be released on 02.01.2021 (released)

    Looks like a splendid start into the flight sim year 2021! Thank you, Rainer!
  15. jencas

    MSFS ZSHC Hangzhou Xiaoshan WIP

    Wow! Unbelievable details!!!
  16. jencas

    MSFS LSZW - Thun Airfield

    :yikes: breath taking :yikes:
  17. jencas

    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

    That's looking fantastic! :yikes:
  18. jencas

    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

    That looks like a fairytale wedding!
  19. jencas

    MSFS Kristiansand Kjevik Airport after tons of frustration (mostly caused my me) and via McX.

    Looking marvelous! Thank you very much for all you are doing for the community.