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  1. hairyspin

    3DS Max Frozen viewport areas in old 3ds Max versions in Windows 10 – an answer.

    This is an old problem in 3ds Max - and in Gmax - but this is a possible work-around. I (still) use 3ds Max 2008 and when right-clicking in the viewport the area covered by the pop-up or Quad menu occasionally freezes, partly obscuring your work. In past days this could be fixed by a quick swap...
  2. hairyspin

    Enough airspeed?

    A story from a zoologist on the radio, investigating V formations in birds as a way of reducing the effort of flying distances. He got funding to buy a microlight and follow the birds in flight, then set off to study whooper swans which can do 40 mph. The aircraft could do 60, so he dived on...
  3. hairyspin

    Screen capture software for Windows 10

    Windows 10 users will know screen captures can be easily done and saved to a OneDrive account, but as usual the MS default doesn't capture the cursor, so is less than ideal for illustrating problems on the forum. I used HyperSnap (payware) for years and really missed it since moving to Win10...
  4. hairyspin

    Nothing to report

    Amusing how discussion of FSW has stopped now we have a forum for it! Perhaps some day Dovetail will realise there will be nothing to discuss from a developing perspective until they open up. Over to you, Dovetail.
  5. hairyspin

    Tempest Mk.II for MS Combat Flight Simulator 3

    The Hawker Tempest Mk.II is out. At last. This model is for any CFS3 installation which has AvHistory Weapons and Effects installed. (MAW, ETO and Rising Sun expansions already have these) Model by Tom Faulds Graphics These are John Whelan’s wonderful work, I really don't know how he does...
  6. hairyspin

    Ron "Ickie" Larson

    Sim Outhouse has posted the sad news that Ickie died on December 23rd. He was the operating backbone of the site and has headed the site for some years with good humour and good-natured expertise, although it was an over-confident hacker or troll that tried to get the better of him at any time...
  7. hairyspin

    Frozen screen areas in 3ds Max older versions in Windows 10 – sorted!

    I've heard of this problem but saw it myself tonight in Max 2008. Right-clicking for the quad menu to set object properties left part of the screen area frozen and nothing in Max fixes it. Change video driver, play around with compatibility settings or screen resolutions if you will, but that...
  8. hairyspin


    Many of us know of AirWrench for FDE building - and its drawbacks - but has anyone had a go at AirWizEd from the same author (Jerry Beckwith)? It uses the same sort of interface as AirWrench to edit existing flight models but doesn't recalculate an entire FDE each time. Payware, of course, and...
  9. hairyspin

    What goes up might come down

    This is an after-dinner talk given by David Gunson, a former RAF pilot who moved into air traffic control. Completely deadpan, he describes commercial aviation of forty or so years ago in very funny terms. My thanks to today's customer who recommended it. What goes up might come down
  10. hairyspin

    Sensitive modelling souls steer clear

    Intrigued by Google's animated header today, I find it's the 200th anniversary of George Boole's birth. Mathematician and logician etc, he wrote The Laws of Thought which contains Boolean algebra. Oops, I've just written the B word... :alert: :tapedshut :censored:
  11. hairyspin

    ImageShack goes pay only

    If anyone has been using ImageShack for free, yer time's up. I had a year's subscription at discount a while back and some hundreds of images (mostly screenshots) there, but in a few months they'll be gone because I'm too cheap to keep paying. This means any linked to web pages will disappear –...
  12. hairyspin


    This cleverly-titled book by Mark Vanhoenacker was abridged recently for BBC Radio, which was how I heard of it. It talks about the life and experiences of an airline pilot, mainly flying long-haul 747s for British Airways which would usually not interest me. I mean, big iron and 8 hour plus...
  13. hairyspin

    Hardware Maps and bringing 3ds Max to its knees

    Recently 3ds Max (2008) was reduced to pauses resembling geological epochs: this was somewhat trying. I suspected the recent Win7 updates, software update checkers getting overenthusiastic, etc but the answer was another Code 20... I've been experimenting with rendering mentalRay procedural...
  14. hairyspin

    PayPal gets out

    It appears PayPal are extricating themselves from eBay to go it alone. They are also amending their terms and conditions over intellectual property as used on their services from the UK and possibly elsewhere? Basically, they reserve the right to reuse your advertising content without fear or...
  15. hairyspin

    Importing work to Gmax in different units

    Most of us know the System Unit Scale must be 1 unit = 1 metre for Gmax to successfully export to FS. Some recent posts talked about problems with building work in other software and then exporting to Gmax only to find problems with units being in feet or inches. There is an easy way to...
  16. hairyspin

    Animation fun & games – a solution

    I've been hacking around with this cooling flap vent which opens to the trailing edge of the model's wing. To avoid airflow exiting the airway mixing with airflow from the top of the wing, there are folding gussets hinged to the flap and to a fillet upstand on the wing. The gussets fold flat...
  17. hairyspin

    Norbert the trainee

    The following thread is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any organisation or persons living or dead is coincidental. Norbert trembled slightly in the staff canteen, waiting to start his first day at Developers Inc. Whatever the day held, it was bound to be different from his last job in...
  18. hairyspin

    UVW Mapping in Gmax – tutorial series

    A new six-part tutorial series has been uploaded to the Resources here at FSDeveloper to get the beginning mapper going. Starts with the basics, introduces LithUnwrap for making templates and goes on to cover use of the UVW editor, mapping multiple objects simultaneously, use of material IDs to...
  19. hairyspin

    UVW Mapping in Gmax – tutorial series

    A new six-part tutorial series has been uploaded to the Resources here at FSDeveloper to get the beginning mapper going. Starts with the basics, introduces LithUnwrap for making templates and goes on to cover use of the UVW editor, mapping multiple objects simultaneously, use of material IDs to...
  20. hairyspin

    FFDS is back up!