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  1. kevintampa5

    Man, time changes things

    I have been working on other projects for the past few months. I have gone back to school to better myself, and soon will attempt to become an officer of the law. With all these projects I have been involved, my time in the forums I enjoy has been limited. I plan to return here more often to...
  2. kevintampa5

    Blender registry update

    I know when I upgrade blender versions, .blend files still use the previous version if I dont uninstall the old blender first. Even using the installer and setting the new version to open all blend files does not work. I manually change registry strings/entries/keys to fix this. Do others...
  3. kevintampa5

    Current Blender Version (Stable)

    I will update this post with the current version info as it drops. Current stable version is 2.71 hash: 9337574 Date released 6/25/2014 (mm/dd/yyyy) It has been tested and works with the new Blender2FSX toolkit. Download blender at blender.org Beta's and Release Candidates No information on...
  4. kevintampa5

    File Safety - PUP Alert

    I have come across a couple of files on my machine that are being flagged by viral scanners. px_s_taxiway.zip from Project X nzqnv10.zip scenery by Peter Lohr. They appear to be PUP miners. Anyone have additional info on them before I remove them? I know I dont keep more than a few PUPs around...
  5. kevintampa5

    World Culture

    I was reading a blog somewhere online and saw this. I know we have German's in here somewhere so can you elaborate on this please? Its not making sense to me since I have little German historical knowledge where this is most likely originating from.
  6. kevintampa5


    Im mad, just days from purchasing a new tower, my darn air-conditioner failed!!!:yikes: Goodbye pc fund :( Hello comfort :) only $8500 lost :peanut:. GRRRAAAAA!!!! :mad::banghead::alert::alert::alert::alert:
  7. kevintampa5

    MCX Multi import

  8. kevintampa5

    ADE & Airport Finder

  9. kevintampa5

    FSDeveloper DNS down

  10. kevintampa5

    P3D v2 release date Nov 25

  11. kevintampa5

    Getting started with Blender

  12. kevintampa5

    Tip topics

  13. kevintampa5

    Blender sub-forum Poll

  14. kevintampa5

    Blender thread

  15. kevintampa5

    Blender2.6+: Collada Texture export

  16. kevintampa5

    Secret Project

    Looking for some people that know a little about aircraft wings. This is NOT a project for FS development at this time but will be available once the project has passed the submission stage. This group would be putting a package together, including model sets of different variety, custom made to...
  17. kevintampa5

    Blender export scripts - interest?

    With blender 2.67 release, I started looking into my scripts and found some that I didnt notice were not working. After a little mucking around I brought one up to date, sort of. Thats what started this post. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8298 Since there appears to be no...
  18. kevintampa5

    VATSIM seeks modelers, painters, etc.

    VATSIM Germany has a discussion/project going that some of you aircraft modelers and painters may be interested in. Check out the flyer below and the forum for the project below the flyer. http://vrep.vatsim-germany.org/Flyer.html http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=124&t=66188
  19. kevintampa5

    FSDeveloper Project

    This is not related to flight simulation, but it is for FSDeveloper. Its not sanctioned by anyone or intended as an advertisement or change of FSDeveloper. Its something I made to expand my abilities and gain new knowledge. I think it turned out ok, but it has a lot of room for improvement. Let...
  20. kevintampa5

    Old thread rehash / Aged thread closing

    I have noticed as of late there are a lot of new users posting in old threads seeking guidance. This is not really an issue, but it can be a little annoying to see a post you havent seen in 7 or 8 months now back at the top of the list. Therein lies the topic of this thread, and the associated...