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  1. roger-wilco-66

    [SBX 3.15 V2] Library Object Manager List

    Hi altogether, I have a puzzling phenomena here. I can read library objects into new categories in the library object manager, and they stay there as long as the program is running. However, when I restart the application everything is gone. I noticed that SBX does not save the changes in...
  2. roger-wilco-66

    Landclass / large areas / gis data?

    I've been pondering on that for quite a time and don't come up with the right answer, maybe someone could give me a hint. How can you make a custom landclass for a large area, like Southeast Asia, for example? Using SBX for that is very cumbersome. And, is it possible to feed real GISdata from...
  3. roger-wilco-66

    ATTN SBuilderX 64 and Win10 Workaround

    Hi, I guess it is well known in the meanwhile that SBX 64 does not work correctly when you run it under Win 10 due to an incompatibility with the shapelib.dll. SBX 64 can't compile CVX data, throwing an error. Tom Stovall (member here) and I had the idea to run it in a virtual Win7-64 machine...
  4. roger-wilco-66

    [FSX / P3D] Custom Radio Chatter / sound files

    Hi, I searched up and down the net but found nothing and thought I might as well ask here. So I am out for an application that can feed custom audio files into the sim by the means of the user switching to a pre-defined COM channel. I somehow seem to remember that there was a small freeware...
  5. roger-wilco-66

    MCX Batch Process: change GUID + friendly name

    Hi, When I use the function "change GUID" in the batch processing mode, I see that the GUID has not changed even though the process runs through without errors. Am I missing something? I also noticed that one can not simply manually change the GUID of a model in MCX - in the object...
  6. roger-wilco-66

    [Suggestion] Batch Conversion dialogue

    Only a small thing. I just found how extremely useful the batch conversion wizard is. However, if you select files by "add" you don't see them in the batch conversion wizard __if__ the path-filename combination becomes too long. The window is static in size and the line gets truncated at...
  7. roger-wilco-66

    Suggestion: flip textures in mat editor / texture tool

    Hi, not a big issue, just for convenience maybe. Would it be possible to add a button in the material editor and the texture converter that causes a texture to flip? Another nice feature - I'm not sure if I already wrote that some time ago - would be a repeat or click function in the...
  8. roger-wilco-66

    FSXA LC-XML Object load error

    Hi, I'm stumped by LC-XML V not loading a few static scenery objects. They load and show OK in MCX and are compiled with the normal FSX xtomdl. There's nothing fancy about them, no animations or such. When the event happens the application throws an error (which does not say much, at...
  9. roger-wilco-66

    MCX latest dev release observation

    Hi, I use the latest dev release (2015-05-26) and observed a strange behaviour I previously have not seen. In the texture editor, after changing any property, the focus will immediately jump to the line "allow bloom". Is this intended? Cheers, Mark
  10. roger-wilco-66

    Ground poly question (splitting for curvature of earth)

    Hi, I'm using ground polys in my new scenery project and am puzzled by a visual quirk. The one you see attached to this post shows the poly (asphalt surface with a dirt layer on top) shows a untextured gap in an x and y direction. I suppose this is because I ticked the curvature of earth...
  11. roger-wilco-66

    MCX / P3D V2.2 animation problem

    I'm having a problem with importing a model with a simple keyframe animation from 3dsmax2012 / p3d sdk2.2 into MCX (latest dev version). The symptom is that the mdl is imported into MCX without errors, the animation is tagged correctly, but the keyframes (original between 0-100) are set to...
  12. roger-wilco-66

    Max2012 animation woes

    I'm ready to bite chunks out of my office table. I designed a US ww2 60inch search light position and want the light to be animated. The light corpus rotates slightly around the y axis, nothing complex. Everything is fine in 3dsmax. However, I can't get the animation to work in sim or...
  13. roger-wilco-66

    FSXA FS9 / FSX format problem

    Hi, maybe this belongs to the MCX section, but the error shows up when trying to compile a load of mdls into a bgl. I exported all models into the FSX mdl format and read them into LC-XML. A few mdls wash out with the message that it is not allowed to compile FS9 and FSX models into one bgl...
  14. roger-wilco-66

    MCX Batch process wizard

    Hi, I'm trying to rescale a number of mdl's with the batch process wizard of MCX, latest dev version. I need a scaling factor of 1.12 but the scaling operator field does not accept it (no valid value for int32). Also tried the comma separator and switching between european and US dot/comma...
  15. roger-wilco-66

    Determine the dimensions of a phototile

    Hi, I try to find an easy way via a formula to determine the length of the sides of a square phototile in meters. I have the geo-referenced NW and SE corner points as decimal coordinates (WGS84). A typical tile is about 4000 meters squared. Until now, I measured it with the measure tool in...
  16. roger-wilco-66

    3DSMAX texturing problems

    Hi! I've been using GMAX now for a longer time with good results and switched to 3dsmax 2012 some time ago. Now I ran into problems that give me almost the fits. I wanted to create a coconut tree log revetment (aircraft revetment) with some simple cylindrical objects for the logs and some...
  17. roger-wilco-66

    MCX / BGL import: object list error

    Hi, in the newer MCX beta versions the object list function seems to be broken. The objects are not highlighted upon selection and the list jumps back to the first object after selecting any of them. It is not possible to browse through the archive anymore. Cheers, Mark
  18. roger-wilco-66

    Historical scenario "Solomon 1943 V2" in an open beta

    Hi everyone, I released a new version of the "Solomon 1943" WW2 scenario as an open beta version for everyone who wants to check it out. See thread here: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?75393-Solomon-1943-V-2-for-FSX-P3D-open-beta A download mirror is here...
  19. roger-wilco-66

    Suggestion: keep value entries in the /transform object/ dialogue

    Hi Arno, I made a lot of corrections to scenery objects lately and used the "move object" and "rotate object" function heavily. Now, if one does that, the problem is that one never knows the exact value necessary to place the object properly. I would like to suggest to keep the last manual...
  20. roger-wilco-66

    Drawcall Minimizer Problem in newest version

    Hi Arno, I wanted to try the minimizer today on an object I made in GMAX yesterday and it went in sort of a loop. The object is not fancy with three different textures (3 drawcalls). Restarted MCX, tried again, same thing. I have done the same two weeks ago on a related object, and it...