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    MSFS2020 development partner wanted for my Jet Provost T.4

    I am looking for someone dedicated towards MSFS2020, to rebuild my Jet Provost for this platform. https://secure.simmarket.com/sim-mech-jet-provost-t.4-xs186-p3dv4.phtml I have already got some time with the new SDK, and I have done some testing with the model as is. The current model is...
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    Xreader fails in version DEV 19.11.2021

    Xreader is failing in ModelConverterX version DEV 19.11.2021 During import of a DirectX object, MCX fails. I tried different objects, but even a simple cube from AC3D fails. The error message is: Xreader Index was outside the matrix limit
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    FFG script and animations

    Hi, Have anyone here had any luck bringing animations over? Objects seem to work fine, but no animations? The readme says that animations are unreliable, but just wanted to check. I tested with 3D Studio Max 2021. Rotorhub
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    P3D v4 DME range needle

    I am trying to make a DME needle gauge (VC) to read 20NM or 200NM range, according to the switch setting. Any tip on where I am failing? Rotorhub <Animation name="DME_Range_Sw_1" guid="27d2bbfc-32cc-4af3-8dab-f91259053d54" type="Sim" typeParam="AutoPlay" length="50"...
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    3ds Max® software - for indie users

    https://makeanything.autodesk.com/3dsmax-indie It seems that the indie license is now available in most countries. $265.00 a year is way better. But it is hard to compete with $0, or whatever you would donate to use Blender. If I was certain that the available GMAX to 3DS MAX scripts would...
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    How to use "dummy" VC switch to trigger XML gauge variables?

    How can I trigger variables in a hidden xml gauge by using this VC "dummy" switch code? Adding code in the callback section in the modeldef works fine, but triggering the xml gauge not so much. Either the switch moves on/off/on/off (flooding?), or nothing at all. As an audiable test I tried to...
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    Visibility tags corrupts modeldef?

    I might be very tired, but is there a reason for these to corrupt my modeldef. They are visibility tags for lamps. When added, it will not load. If I remove them, all good? <PartInfo> <Name>Oxy_Port_connect</Name> <!-- Amber light if oxy not connected --> <Visibility> <Parameter> <Code>...
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    Visibility tag and timer

    I am trying to get a light to work correctly, and it kind of works. Even if it is wrong. The light is on, as long as the switch is hold, but i does not take in account if the fuel valve is shut or not. Ideally this light should shut after 2 seconds, even if the switch is hold. The manual says...
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    3D fuel level switches and gauge

    I am trying to figere out a 3D gauge and switches for fuel level readings. Most of my 3D gauges are now working but, I am struggling with this one and the oxygen gauge. RPN is not fully digested yet, and if els is making my eyes cross :) The Jet Provost T4 have four tanks, and one fuel meter...
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    Jet Provost T.4 main panel

    Panel and 3D gauges in progress. I Animated the Attitude indicator as my first 3D gauge ever, and it worked!!! Textures are still to be rendered, but gauge vector graphics is nearing completion. Rotorhub
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    Texture issue

    I have a strange issue when applying either spec or bump to my fuse_t texture. (See picture) I have not had this issue before. I have a single seat version using the same material settings, bump and spec with no issues. I have triple checked the mesh, and no changes compared to the working...
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    Jet Provost T.4

    Exterior model progress. Rotorhub
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    Custom transform orientation and animation

    In GMAX/3DS Max it is very easy to change the pivot point of an animated object, such as a flap. The flap often has its local orientation in multiple angles. Blender is very different... After reading the forum I understand that the suggested method in Blender, is to create a dummy object to...
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    Falcon 20 progress

    The Falcon 20 is slowly getting some progress. Rotorhub
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    Custom visibility tags for warning ligths

    I have a few lights in the overhead that I want to light up, when the switch is flipped on. My simple approach as a novice, is to use visibility conditions. The active bulb is slighty larger, has a brighter texture and a L_texture assigned to it and lits up. Deice works well Ignition lights...
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    Falcon 20E update FSX/P3D

    The exterior model is done. Paints are in the works. The airfile is produced with airwrench using real data, and it seems ok for a starting point. Engine tables are not correct, and I dont know how to do that yet :-) The VC are in the works, but mainly dummy/test gauges for the moment. Many...
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    FSX Falcon 20E virtual cockpit

    Falcon 20E VC in progress. The goal is to make it flyable from the VC, with basic funtions implemented. Still a lot to do, and still a lot to learn :-)
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    Falcon 20E

    I am working on Falcon 20E for FSX and P3D. It is a low poly version, just to learn the process. [/URL][/IMG]
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    P3D v3 Landing and taxi light splash

    Hi I am working on a Falcon 20E for a home cockpit project, and the exterior model is near completion. I just wonder if there are any better fx for the landing and taxi light, then the default. I would like a more realistic light. I have seen it in some of my payware models, but do not know how...
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    FSXA Turboprop SHP Gauge

    Hi! Can anyone help me with the expression and operators for the XML code for a Turboprop gauge I want to make a gauge that reads SHAFT HORSE POWER, , but I can not get this to work. What I want to do is; (PROP RPM:1, rpm) * ( ENG TORQUE:1, ft-lbs) / 5252 = SHP Data from my airfile for the...