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  1. Orswell

    FSX return to center switch with 5 inputs...

    I like to type these out and hopefully teach myself something trying to explain them in addition to maybe getting a tip from you wizards. My switch is a 3 way switch with a spring back to center but the return to center is controlled by a separate input than the movement right and left. So...
  2. Orswell

    FSX help with M:X and a 3 input, left drag knob?

    I have a 3 way knob, with state_0, state_1, state_2 (State 1 is in the middle) I have 3 inputs, key events for those states 0_on, 1_on, 2_on I want to be able to left mouse drag the knob to the right through the states, and left drag to the left to return. Possible? Here's what I think I...
  3. Orswell

    Cloned objects turn with spot / lockhed view.

    This is a new one for me and I wondered if anyone has seen this before. I made some pylons, external weapon stores and added them to my aircraft. I mirrored them from the left side and put them on the right, exported and now my pylons only on the right turn when I turn the view. EDIT: clone...
  4. Orswell

    Holes in polygons for vegetation cause agn drawing errors.

    I created a vegetation dataset which has holes, and sometimes multiple holes in a feature (not holes within holes) and when I run it through SceneProc and look at the resulting vegetation, anywhere there is a hole in the feature SceneProc does some funky inversion or cutting of my shape. Edit...
  5. Orswell

    Minimum Area for Polygons

    Hello! First let me say that the building footprint import is great! There is a small issue when it creates 2 buildings for a long skinny building but it's rare just happens to occur on my street to the house next door ;) More importantly, I'm attempting to generate some vegetation polygons...
  6. Orswell

    FSXA Help with weird bump and specular conflict?

    I inherited a model from another artist and can't figure out what is causing this graphic issue that happens when I add both the Specular and Bump. If I remove either the Specular or Bump the issue goes away. Note that it renders fine in 3dsMax and also looks fine if I import the .mdl into...
  7. Orswell

    FSX FSX Planner fails to open NoClassDefFoundError

    Update: I fixed this by uninstalling and re-installing my Java, my Java control panel wouldn't even open. My FSX planner suddenly stopped opening at all, I double click on the icon and nothing. I've been poking through the forums and attempted to run it from the cmd window using java...