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  1. N2056

    Thorp Update 8/2/20

    I have been working on many things that involve fixing stuff I realized was messed up. That is pretty much resolved. This week the additions are some detail additions for the VC, and I made the bits for the shoulder harness to attach to.
  2. N2056

    P3D v4 Thorp Update

    The intercom is done, along with the CO2 monitor.
  3. N2056

    Thorp Update

    I have been working at getting my workflow down with Substance Painter and have also been adding more stuff in the engine compartment. I now have fuel and electrical systems installed. There is still a bit to add to them, but here is where I am at...
  4. N2056

    Thorp Update

    In the interest of not making folks plow through a long thread I am shifting to individual updates. The project has moved to P3D version 4.5. I am working on PBR materials and learning Substance Painter.
  5. N2056

    P3D v4 PBR Material Question

    I am working on incorporating PBR materials on my project. I am now able to assign materials in Max and see them in sim. I am trying to understand what I need to do with my existing textures. I assign my diffuse texture in the albedo slot and it shows, but the alpha layer no longer seems to have...
  6. N2056

    3DS Max PBR Material Error

    I am trying to experiment with PBR materials on my current project. I am using max 2015. When I select "Prepar 3DPBR" in the material editor i get this. Any ideas?
  7. N2056

    P3D v4 Odd Shading

    My project did not have this problem in P3D 3.4, but when I moved up to the current version it now looks like this. The materials are not PBR, at least not yet.
  8. N2056

    Substance Painter

    I am considering getting this program. I would be interested in feedback from anyone out there using it currently.
  9. N2056

    P3D v4 A2A Rain Effects

    A2A made this availible a while back. I am trying to use this for my Thorp T-18. So far I have had no success. Has anyone here used it?
  10. N2056

    Setting up Max for 2 SDKs

    I finally decided to get into P3D v4. I still need to work in v3 at times. How do I set up Max so I can use a shortcut to open it with v3 tools or v4 tools depending on the version I want to work on?
  11. N2056

    Shaking Gauge Needles at Idle

    I would like to include this feature in my current project. I have a start using the rocker arm animation, but it needs to fade as the rpm increases. Any advice on how would be appreciated.
  12. N2056

    Animated Drums for Engine Time

    I have been through the forums here and came up with codes for the drums that work. I even have them set up to only roll from 9-0 via keyframes. My Problem is that the only one that times properly is the hundredths drum. With the rpm high that drum shifts a digit every 36 seconds, and the shift...
  13. N2056

    Cabin Lighting

    I understand that brightness is controlled by the color settings in the [ParticleAttributes] section of the file. My problem is that I need to control the range of the effect. The cabin looks good, but lighting up the landing gear under the wing is not so good. Also, I now have to have a...
  14. N2056

    Thorp T-18 Redux

    I have begun the odyssey of a new and improved Thorp T-18. When I was a kid back in the late 60's my Dad built his first one. It took about 5 years to build, and according to his logbook it had it's first flight on April 27, 1972. I'm pretty sure that's me off to the side in this picture...
  15. N2056

    Ground Power Unit

    One of the accessories I'm working on for my current project is a ground power unit. It's been a bit of guess work on some of the details, but I think it will be passable. :D
  16. N2056

    Using Multiple Gamepacks

    I know that you can set up 3DS Max to start via shortcut to use a specific gamepack in order to export to FSX or various versions of P3D. What I don't know is how to set that up. Could someone please enlighten me as to how that is done? Edit: In looking at the SDK it would seem to have what I...
  17. N2056


    Not sure how this might go, but what are you looking at endlessly as you grind out that next project? Here's my shop.
  18. N2056

    Working on Details

    Here is a pic of the tail of my current project. Note the "watermark". As much as I want to be able to share what I am doing here it always seems to end up in another place that doesn't seem to understand what w.i.p. is. I care not about the intent. If I see this picture there I guarantee you...
  19. N2056

    Event ID Question

    Is it possible to use an event id value to control visibility?
  20. N2056

    A Final Update on my Dad

    Very early this morning he departed on his eternal flight. His passing was peaceful and without pain.