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  1. Draken

    P3D v4 Google Earth Decoder Optimization Tools (GEDOT) - Blender Addon

    Hello, I found an interesting tool to get 3D buildings from Google Earth. It works to build 3D landscapes for MSFS2020. I'm guessing if somebody knows a similar approach to use with Prepar3d (v4). Please let me have your inputs. Thanks! Sergio
  2. Draken

    P3D v4 Cockpit swapping mirrors

    Hello. I would like to make the swapping cockpit mirrors of a fighter jet reflecting the backward view. Currently they swap but their image is fictional. I saw the mod made by Dino Cattaneo on his beautiful F-14. Do you think I can simply follow Dino's approach (adding canera in the...
  3. Draken

    MSFS Converting a MSFS2020 plane to P3Dv4

    Hello, us there any chance to convert an aircraft made to be used with MSFS2020 to Prepar3d v4? Pardon me if I missed a topic already discussed in other forums. Thanks!
  4. Draken

    P3D v4 AirWizEd

    Hello, willing to purchase AirWizEd, but unable to find where? Already wrote to the author, no reply. Any suggestion? Sergio
  5. Draken

    P3D v4 Gauge to measure ambient temperature

    Hello! I'm trying to put together an xml gauge to measure AMBIENT TEMPERATURE simulation variable. I hope that P3D makes differences of ambient temperatures amond seasons and day hour like the real world. I have modified an SDK example gauge to make the measure and seems to read something. 1)...
  6. Draken

    P3D v4 Karl-Heinz Klotz's Aircraft Airfile Manager

    Hello! I'm looking for the latest release of Karl-Heinz Klotz's Aircraft Airfile Manager possibly suitable for P3D. Also a manual, if any, will be useful. Please let me know where to download. Thanks! Sergio
  7. Draken

    P3D v4 Pop-up THRUST TEST GAUGE required as "gift"

    Hello All, hoping to find someone generous enough to help me. I started learning about dynamic design to tune the jet engine portion of an aircraft. To me is already a challenge because my FS developing knowledge is starting from "ground zero". To make some flight tests I would need to read the...
  8. Draken

    P3D v4 FS Thrust vs Altitude calculations Version 2 doubt + table 1524

    Hello, I'm trying to learn.... 1) Somewhere (page 3) in "FS Thrust vs Altitude calculations Version 2" it is stated ".....One can, for example, do a FS flight test at full throttle at close to sea level, 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K altitude and record stabilized Mach and net thrust,...". How can I read...
  9. Draken

    Jerry Beckwith email

    Hello, I need to get in touch with Jerry because I need an activation code for my Airwrench purchased copy. All the addresses I was used to write to are expired. Please let me know Thanks! Sergio
  10. Draken


    Hello, I'm facing a strange ADE behavior. I deleted a scenery object within an airport I designed. The object apparently has gone, but when I compile the airport again, upload it to P3D, the object is still there. I went back to ADE and listed all the objects and the one I deleted is not there...
  11. Draken


    Hello, I have spent a significant amount of time creating a photorealistic airport (LIMN). I premise that the terrain around the airport is not flat (same altitude). At south end of the airport I have an altitude of 541.5 feet at north end an altitude of 589.5 feet. Either altitudes have been...
  12. Draken

    CaptainSim 727 alternative panel and VC for P3D v4+

    Hello, is there any chance to adopt a third party panel and VC in CaptainSim 727 to make it compatible with P3D v4+? Thanks!
  13. Draken

    Copy Objects from One Airport to Another

    Hello, I'm looking a way to re-use scenery objects from one airport to another. From the airport from whom I want to export objects, I tried with list->scenery Objects->select objetcs->export->save then how to import? Please help. Thanks!
  14. Draken

    Night texture on 3D text fill

    Hello, I have designed 3d text on a building made through SU and then managed through MCX to create MDL. This text in MCX has a texture color (so MCX detects it). Is there a way to create a night version (basically text filled in white color) through MCX or with other tools? Thanks a lot!
  15. Draken


    Hello, this post is addressed mainly to the wonderful ADE team. I saw that ADE runways have a couple of high intensity/brightness strobes aside their end. I would like to get the BGL and textures of those kind of strobes to place on a building. May you help me? Thanks a lot.
  16. Draken

    Adding "airport" on top of a building

    Hello, I created with ADE a scenery in which there is a building with an hard roof on top. I would like to modify the roof of the building adding taxis with lights and perimeter custom lights. I'm struggling to find a possible way to do it. Any hint will be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Draken

    Airport nesting in a scenery

    Hello, I have designed an airport (building+helipad on top) that has to be placed nested inside a already existing scenery which represents a city downtown. I loaded to P3D v4 and even my airport has an higher priority respect the already existing scenery I still see the parts of the original...
  18. Draken

    how to hard the to roof of a building made in SU

    Hello, what I'm trying to do is to apply an hard roof/surface in a building made in SU. My goal is to make a harden/landable helipad there. Any hint, please? Thanks a lot. Cheers
  19. Draken

    landable helipad for P3D v4

    Hello, I would like to add a simple hard /landable helipad on a scenery building whose I know position and height. The scenery building is not mine and I don't have its origin. I created a simple airport bgl with ADE and I placed in the right position. The airport is matter of one apron in...
  20. Draken


    Hello, is there a way to view the results of the design without loading the airport every time in the flight simulator? Any chance to add to ADE a view from side (3d view) and not only top-down (2d view)? Thanks.