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  1. arno

    Attachpoint and LOD

    Hi all, Can attachpoints be placed at a specific LOD or do they always apply to each LOD? I can't seem to get them stick on one LOD only, but I remember reading in the past it could be done.
  2. arno

    FSDeveloper and GDPR

    Most of you have probably heard that in a few days a new data protection law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in the European Union will be applied. To be prepared for this law we have made sure FSDeveloper also has a written privacy policy, you can find it here...
  3. arno

    CreateXMLLibObj changes

    In the next development release of scenProc there is a change to the CreateXMLLibObj step, it has some extra attributes. This means that you will have to update your scripts to work in the latest version. Before the step had the following attributes: filter guid heading attribute heading...
  4. arno

    April 1st

    No April first joke from us this year, but I would just like to bring back one we did a couple of years ago. Geeh, 7 years ago already, time goes fast.
  5. arno

    Old link redirect and Tapatalk

    Hi all, I have just fixed the redirects of old forum links (e.g. the old vBulletin style links that are still posted in many places). They are redirecting to the right content again. However to get that working I had to disable the Tapatalk plugin, since the two addons seem to conflict. I find...
  6. arno

    Hierarchy editor - change animations

    Hi all, I'm currently working on adding support in the hierarchy editor to change the transformations and animations. E.g. change values, add key frames or add a new animation. Most of this data is stored in matrices and quarternions. These are not really user friendly to most end users I...
  7. arno

    Material conversions

    Lately I have been doing a lot of experimentation with converting objects between FS, AeroFly and X-Plane. Converting objects between the different simulators is possible, but of course there are differences. For example the way materials work is slightly different in each simulator. I have now...
  8. arno

    Website stability

    From different users I get reports that the site is not always accessible and that it is sometimes down. I have opened a support ticket about this at the web host. Hopefully they can see what is going on. Please keep me informed about trouble reaching the site.
  9. arno

    .NET update and which OS are you using?

    Hi all, For some new functionality I want to add I'm considering to go from .NET 4.0 that I currently use to .NET 4.6. But the never version seems to be only support for Windows 7 and above. So I wonder how many of you are still using older versions of Windows? Or would it be safe to assume...
  10. arno

    AeroFly FS2 support in ModelConverterX

    I have added two new exporters in ModelConverterX, with these you can export objects to the TGI format for AeroFly or export scenery to the TSC format of AeroFly. If you save your object in the TGI format, you need to use the AeroFly Content Converter to put it into the sim. ModelConverterX...
  11. arno

    ModelConverterX support for AeroFly

    Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that in the latest ModelConverterX development release I have added support for saving AeroFly TGI and TSC files. So this should allow conversion of FS objects into AeroFly more easily. I'm sure I can add more features to the exporters, like ground polygons...
  12. arno

    X-Plane DSF support

    I have just released an update of ModelConverterX that adds initial DSF support for X-Plane. You can now read and write DSF files. If you read an X-Plane DSF file the models referenced from it and the placement of those models will be imported. If you write an X-Plane DSF file the file save...
  13. arno

    Separate account for the wiki

    Before we updated the forum software the wiki accounts were automatically linked to the forum accounts. This is unfortunately not possible at the moment. So if you want to contribute to the wiki you need a separate account there. To keep spammers out we don't allow you to register your own...
  14. arno

    Did you use Tapatalk?

    Before we upgraded the forum software we had the Tapatalk plugin installed, so that you can use the Tapatalk app to browse the forum. At the moment Tapatalk is not yet compatible with this version of the forum software, so we removed the plugin during the upgrade. We might add it back when...
  15. arno

    Forum software upgrade

    Hi all, I have just upgraded the forum software to the latest version. Things seem to run quite well, but I'm sure there are some issues left with the upgrade. If you find any, please post them here. Please see the list of "known issues" below. All addons for the old forum software are...
  16. arno

    Testing new thread

    Just a quick test
  17. arno

    Remember form states

    For scenProc I already implemented a function a while ago that it would remember the position and size of the different forms when using the application. For ModelConverterX such a feature was on the wishlist for quite a while already as well. Today I finally implemented it and compared to the...
  18. arno

    ModelDef viewer improvements

    I have made two improvements to the ModelDef viewer in ModelConverterX lately. The first one is that you can now search in the ModelDef file. At the top you find a toolbar with a text box for the search string and a previous and next button to search backwards or forward for the entered search...
  19. arno

    Which Visual C++ runtime files does XtoMDL use?

    A problem often reported for ModelConverterX is that XtoMDL throws some kind of error when trying to compile. These are often the result of missing dependencies on the system of the end user. For example DirectX 9.0c not being installed. But XtoMDL (and its DLL files) also depend on the Visual...
  20. arno

    Website maintenance

    Hi all, I'm planning to do some maintenance on the website in the near future. This will include an upgrade to the latest version of the forum software and also a move to another hosting company to make it easier for us admins to maintain the site in the future. When this work is done I'll...