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  1. Paddy211185

    MSFS How to set COM_STBY_RADIO_SET (TCalc_004)

    Thank you very much.
  2. Paddy211185

    MSFS How to set COM_STBY_RADIO_SET (TCalc_004)

    Hello I have downloaded the simconnect TCalc_004 example and am trying in vain to change the standby frequency. Can anyone help me? Thats my code: my_simconnect.MapClientEventToSimEvent((Enum)Form1.EVENTS.KEY_COM1SBset, "COM_STBY_RADIO_SET")...
  3. Paddy211185

    MSFS Get flightplan as simvarIables

    i am looking for a way to load all latitudes and longitudes of the flight plan into an ingamepanel, unfortunately i can only find the sim variables for the last and next waypoint. Is this possible at all? Thanks for help.
  4. Paddy211185

    MSFS How to disable transfer of keyboard input within ingamepanel to Simulator?

    Hello, I am looking for a way to not transfer the keystrokes within a text field that is in an ingame-panel to the simulator. For example: If I enter the key n in a textfield inside an ingamepanel, no navlog opens.