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    MSFS Drawing order problem in 3DS viewport

    Sounds like gpu driver related issue. Maybe try to update it via Device Manager first.
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    Message to scenery developers

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a tool for FSX/P3D that brings some freedom to the fs users in managing the static/3rd party objects on the scenery. With a minimalist GUI and openstreetmap as a background map, the program can manipulate the scenery assets (static aircraft, cars, ULDs etc...)...
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    BGLC_9 & Exclude.

    BGLC_9 is the only compiler which works on the Linux system (with the help of the Wine program), but I solved the problem compiling my own application from source code.
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    BGLC_9 & Exclude.

    Hello, I have a peculiar question. Is it possible to create a simple exclusion rectangle in assembly and compile it with the BGLC_9? Did anyone try this? I can't find any piece of code. Pawel
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    A complete solution for using SimConnect in your application

    Great project! Btw... this http://fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/how-to-correctly-use-simconnect-in-standalone-application.24/ source code helped me very much to understand how to combine winAPI + C++ + SimConnect. Thank You!
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    FSXA How accurate can an effect placement be?

    Open your fx file with Arno tool - FXEditor. Change to night mode and post the screenshot. Maybe smth is wrong with UV maping of your texture.
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    Yeah sure...
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    FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v1-v2.5 Hello! The project I'm working on. This is a civil and military airport in northern Poland, placed in Gdynia city... Runways: CONCRETE 13/31 2600x60m ASPHALT 09/27 575x30m Navaids: ILS/DME, NDB Total area of aprons and runways: <500 000 m2 Some...
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    model converterx fails to render the textures

    Did you put the textures in the same folder as the model files?
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    Modeling an airport in one Blender/Gmax file vs many files

    Sorry for the confusion, mea culpa. For clarify, I had in mind the drawing order problem. Like in this post: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/alpha-isnt-displaying-correctly.225561/#post-400616
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    Modeling an airport in one Blender/Gmax file vs many files

    Hector, I agree with Kris. Furthermore, it is worth applying a rule: one object (or group of objects that are close to each other or with the same texture) - one reference point location. Especially when you export a fence that surrounds the whole airport. That helps to avoid transparency...
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    SbuilderX Prepar3D

    What errors do you have? Could you provide some screenshots? To connect SBuilder with P3D you have to install FSUIPC...
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    Photoscenery problems

    Hi, Remove Water Mask from your INF file, recompile the scenery and check the problem persist. If yes: As mentioned above, in GIMP, open your orthophoto -> right click on the layer -> remove alpha channel. Save and recompile. If no: Make sure that in the Water Mask your land area is covered...
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    FSX Compile to "BGL"

    Hi, You probably export as "FSX flatten BGL file". Export scenery -> change the format in the dropdown menu.
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    WX information into FSX

    Thanks, you`re right!
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    WX information into FSX

    Hello, I try to create weather station at NZWS airport without success. int quit = 0; HANDLE hSimConnect = NULL; DWORD Wx_ID = SIMCONNECT_OBJECT_ID_USER; static enum EVENT_ID { EVENT_SIM_START, }; static enum DATA_REQUEST_ID { REQUEST_WX, }; static bool...
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    FSX Zegrze Pomorskie Airport

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    The I am working on thread

    Hi all, WIP Zegrze Pomorskie airport, without ICAO designator:eek:(how to name it...), somewhere in the North of Poland :D.