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  1. =rk=

    Can't determine what these build errors mean and where to correct the input model

    Only Console errors can prevent a build and there is a color key above. "White," is just messages, yellow won't prevent a build. The red error messages describe exactly why the build fails, Console informs 2 exist.
  2. =rk=

    P3D v5 Memory leak with MCX converted buildings

    One more place you can use "photo texture substitution for geometry" is when creating LODs. The LOD tool will generate LOD models and it will also allow importing LOD models. So you could "unbuild" your model some, convert that to import into MCX as a lower LOD - or - you could make a box...
  3. =rk=

    MSFS Export MSFS object placement

    Thanks for following up on it. I got my placement the way I'd described, your result looks exactly right, of course and I am guessing I just didn't wait long enough for the original .bgl to load. This is very exciting for me, this airport is from 9 years ago and I was trying to figure out why...
  4. =rk=

    MSFS Export MSFS object placement

    So just a FYI follow up and then I'll shut up, there are a few format or syntax type omissions in the created package. Specifically in PackageDefinitions, the XML does not need to have a manufacturer, but it should be this format "<Manufacturer/>" and currently it is this format...
  5. =rk=

    MSFS Export MSFS object placement

    Excellent! Can you tell me what I have done wrong here? I have a placement .bgl that MCX will not recognize and I've also included the bgl2xml conversion. Oddly, when I drop the converted XML onto the MCX window, it indicates there are 2,457 object placements I could potentially not have to...
  6. =rk=

    MSFS Export MSFS object placement

    I don't believe MCX reads object placement files. When ADE generates them, they have "OBX" as part of their name. As ChatGPT informs: "It is possible to convert object placement data from FSX .bgl format to MSFS XML, but it would likely require writing a custom script or program to do so. This...
  7. =rk=

    MSFS Export MSFS object placement

    Amazing tool, I'm doing the exact same thing and I didn't realize how complete this algorithm is. Sorry to interrupt, hopefully it's a small distraction, any chance you can make MCX spit out an updated placement file so we don't have to do the conversions manually with bgl2xml?
  8. =rk=

    P3D v5 Memory leak with MCX converted buildings

    Can't say without knowing your procedures. You could break the model into quarters, run each through MCX and use the Merge Tool to recombine them. You can use the Level of Detail Creator to create algorithmically derived lower complexity models and then delete your high polygon original. I do...
  9. =rk=

    How am I getting into (and how to get out of) mouse look mode in the editor?

    Middle mouse click to enter/exit slew.
  10. =rk=

    Polygons misaligned in built project although they look perfect in SDK editor

    Ok, it is possible you have UV values outside the recommended range. To check for this you could load the model into MCX latest development release, select the "Texture Distortion Render Mode" and see if there is a lot of blue in the model. If so, you can have MCX fix this using the Hierarchy...
  11. =rk=

    P3D v5 Memory leak with MCX converted buildings

    One thing that bears mentioning, is that Sketchup counts quads, or even more complex "flat" shapes, as polygons, MCX counts only triangles. There is no common ratio, but it is usually more than double what Sketchup reports. As to draw calls, Sketchup tends to shatter textures that are not...
  12. =rk=

    P3D v5 Memory leak with MCX converted buildings

    Beautiful model, but I can say that 681 thousand polygons for a single building seems awfully ambitious! In FSX it would be DOA. While MSFS will digest it perfectly fine, of that fact I am confident, you'll really want to assess priorities. If this is for a static in sim render, go for it, take...
  13. =rk=

    Strange Anomaly in Sketchup

    It happens when your model is too big in physical dimension. A reasonably complex, single large airport terminal building is probably too "large." One solution is to create components, which you can edit individually, another solution is to scale your model down by an extreme factor, try 10x, or...
  14. =rk=

    MCX How to remove drag Chute from aircraft model

    Ok, if the texture is not unique to the chute, then Arno's and Tom's technique probably won't work. Tom's might, can't really tell, certainly should try it. Aside from that, there is another, possible way. Click and drag the animation slider from one end, to the other. If, during that action...
  15. =rk=

    Polygons misaligned in built project although they look perfect in SDK editor

    Hi, I just found this unreplied thread. If you are still having the problem, can you say that in describing this problem, do the textures get altered UV's in relation to hte polygons, or do the polygons themselves move?
  16. =rk=

    Blender MDL to Blender via glTF; Animations Importing

    Before starting this procedure, you'll want to make sure you have been granted a copy of MCX with unrestricted export. The publicly available versions of MCX do not support the conversion of .mdl format animations to glTF that are any more complex than simple ambient, in order to protect...
  17. =rk=

    MSFS River Boat AI!

    Thank you so much for your interest, it means a lot to me. I just placed an edit in the download description, because I'd forgotten to include information about a linked addon and I wanted anyone here interested to also have a chance to add it, so thanks again. The addon is "Seafront...
  18. =rk=

    MSFS River Boat AI!

    The scenery is online available here: https://flightsim.to/file/48639/columbia-gorge-scenery
  19. =rk=

    MSFS Missing start location in ADE project

    There is this way: and you can check runway properties in DevMode.