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  1. Cheese-Strike

    Animation export to glTF?

    I got the base model of the Basler BT-67 freeware Manfred Jahn and my team worked on some years ago. It's either an old Gmax model or the old FSX mdl, sadly I don't got the modeldef.xml so it's quite impossible to export it to newer sims or implement things like PBR without doing all animations...
  2. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v4 When you're taking pixel pushing way too serious

    Over the past 11 years I taught myself the art of texturing which I pushed to a pretty much super ridiculous level. It all started with Cheese-Strike Repaints back in 2009 and now developed to Cheesy Simulations (pun intended) over the years. I've tried 3d modelling with Gmax and 3dsMax but...
  3. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v4 Project Denmark

    It's not about ruining anyones experience or expectations, it's about copyright and licensing of resources you use... Somehow many in the FS community nowadays seem to give a f*** on licenses and copyright, have seen this with liveries and sceneries all along. Nothing against you Matthias ;)...
  4. Cheese-Strike

    AIG AI Manager

    These both are powerfull tools and I really enjoy them!
  5. Cheese-Strike

    Cheesy Simulations - Redux Liveries

    I just wanted to share some of my textures I created the past months/years. All repaints feature custom created exterior and interior textures to match the original livery as close as possible. MJC-8 Q400 - Flybe G-ECOB MJC-8 Q400 - Flybe G-ECOI MJC-8 Q400 - Austrian Airlines OE-LGP...
  6. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v4 3D Modeller & Coder needed!

    Dear Developers, In 2012 Manfred Jahn, Hans-Jörg Nägele, Alexander Metzger and I myself developed the Basler BT-67, a freeware tubroprop for FSX. Six years passed since then and the sofware around our model changed quite a lot, it's still good, but outdated and mostly incompatible with P3Dv4...
  7. Cheese-Strike

    AI aircraft carrier landings

    Holy Guacamole! Haven't seen something like this before
  8. Cheese-Strike

    MV-22B Osprey (Release 1.0)

    I get the same error. Switching views results in a black screen, even switching aircraft or reloading the airport does not fix it.
  9. Cheese-Strike

    FSXA DC-3 Enhanced

    We released the Basler BT-67 back in 2012 as a Freeware Aircraft. Just go to flightsim.com and search their file library (Basler BT-67). There you should find the base model and all my liveries.
  10. Cheese-Strike

    Calgary International Airport CYYC

    Can't wait to get my hands onto CYYC :D Kenn Borek Air I'm coming!
  11. Cheese-Strike

    Calgary International Airport CYYC

    Finally! :D Looking forward to this one
  12. Cheese-Strike

    FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Finally! Nice one! Ich war mal so frei und habe direkt einen Artikel dazu geschrieben ;) http://flusinews.de/2016/05/sand-in-den-schuhen-fsdg-schickt-uns-nach-marsa-alam/
  13. Cheese-Strike

    FSX DHC 6 - Twin Otter

    If you need some data sheets or information on the real Twotter let me now. I've been part of the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended Beta Team, did some liveries (Flybe, Skybus, Westcoastair,...) and I got some contacts over at Kenn Borek Air ;)
  14. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v3 Christoph X - EC135 T2 + Scenery

    We at flusinews.de wrote an article about your project ;) http://www.flusinews.de/2016/02/christoph-x-luftrettung-fuer-den-simulator/ I think I should definitely start with Weiden and Dinkelsbühl sometime soon. Ich bin wirklich gespannt was wir sonst noch so von dir sehen werden!
  15. Cheese-Strike

    FSX Cessna Citation XLS+

    This is nice! Haven't seen pulse lights in FSX or P3D yet ... Just one question is this an effect or a hardcoded model xml? I hope for the first option so it could be used in hardly any airplane
  16. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v2 Alouette 3

    That's a great chopper :3
  17. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v2 Bombardier Challenger 605

    Nice! Finally some more private jets ^^
  18. Cheese-Strike

    FSX ENJB - Jarlsberg X

    Very nice! Think it will fit perfectly to ORBX - Norway ^^ Merry Christmas
  19. Cheese-Strike

    FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

    Very cool project!
  20. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v2 Project Martin JPM-1 Mars

    Holy cow! :p