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  1. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS Horrible performance when using the SDK

    Update: I rolled back my NVidia driver and it seemed to resolve the problem. I was also having CTD’s with almost every flight since the update last week… In my opinion, driver 516.40 is junk. :P
  2. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS Horrible performance when using the SDK

    I am having this same problem out of nowhere. I usually have my windows (properties, material editor, scenery editor, gizmo, ect…) on my second monitor. Now the more windows I have on my second monitor the worse it gets. I'm down to 7-8 FPS with my regular setup. I usually run at 30FPS capped...
  3. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS Polygon (shapes) not loading anymore with scenery? FIXED

    Ever since this morning after the update, polygons no longer show with project. When clicking 'Load in Editor' I noticed the polygons no longer appear in the Scenery Editor or visually in the sim. If I create a new polygon it asks me to save a shape file when saving scenery. After loading the...
  4. UtahJazzfan

    Move a runway start

    I am able to move the runway start?? It's at the bottom of the properties tab under "Runway start"
  5. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS SDK Q&A: Guided Question

    Official MSFS: SDK Q&A Live
  6. UtahJazzfan

    Coming soon: FSX Time Capsule - - Mount St. Helens Pre-1980 Experience.

    The work you have put into this and the results look spectacular!
  7. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS How to shift an ILS localizer's coordinates in airport's nav data and also have it take effect?

    Glad to see it worked :) I will be doing this soon on my airport project.
  8. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS Correct livery with AI traffic (real-time online ) with a320neo

    This looks amazing. Cant wait for someone to fully crack this and give us something similar to Ultimate traffic.
  9. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS SDK Q&A: Guided Question

    https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/sdk-q-a-guided-question/387481 Get your questions in or vote for the ones you would like brought up in the Q&A with Asobo.
  10. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS How to shift an ILS localizer's coordinates in airport's nav data and also have it take effect?

    Was the XML file you edited from the default airport? Using Airport2Project you can easily create a project for that airport, edit the ILS in the XML, load it into the SDK and build the package. I just started looking into this myself and watched this earlier. Around 20:40 he talks about adding...
  11. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS Build package fails.. (help with errors)

    It didn't seem to like any polygons and/or rectangles (excludes). I will try again tomorrow and try deleting that folder if it gives me problems. As of now it seems to build fine without them. Edit: Rectangles seem to work fine now. I also had a couple parking areas not connected to anything...
  12. UtahJazzfan

    MSFS Build package fails.. (help with errors)

    I've had errors before but nothing that prevented the .bgl file from building. Does anyone know where I can start with this?
  13. UtahJazzfan

    Smoke/Steam Effects

    I thought you could do effects but they won't work in the future or with future updates because they are changing the effects files.
  14. UtahJazzfan

    How to exclude streetlights?

    Any updates on this? I have a few randomly around my home airport that I am editing as well. One is even above the runway...
  15. UtahJazzfan

    Can't see the taxiways

    I'm just starting scenery design and came across this same problem. It appears this has been happening since update 3. I came across a workaround on the MSFS official forum. If you add a TaxiwayParking object and then add/place something like a gate_small the taxiways become visible again.
  16. UtahJazzfan


    I'm not sure if the existing can be ported over but glancing over the SDK documentation, ground poly type runways can be made in the scenery editor complete with runway lights.
  17. UtahJazzfan

    P3D v3 AZA Mesa Gateway V2

    This scenery looks great, cant wait to see the finished product!
  18. UtahJazzfan

    P3D v4 How to add sound for terminal

    Save the file as a .wav (I think) and put it in your sound folder then copy an effect file, like a light or just anything small. Add the sound file and a proximity if you like and place it in your terminal.
  19. UtahJazzfan

    Ai Ship Special Effects

    What if you create a controller to trigger all of your effects? Or just place the effects individually. Each effect could be set to go off at desired time of day.
  20. UtahJazzfan

    Creating dust effects for takeoff on runway edge

    I believe you need to create an effect controller and place it in your scenery. So when you get so close to that area of the runway the effect triggers. A good example of this (that I just tried) was the Barn Storm effect. It's called Cntrl_Barn.fx in the effects folder. As a test try placing it...