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    MSFS Since SU10 Navigraph database makes custom navdata waypoints disappear

    Well if you use one of the " ...Region='ZZ' " in your nav statements will allow you to keep your waypoints. There are some very detailed articles about this in the forum and some very nice tutorials mentioned as well. I'm not sure if they hit this topic as well but give it a trial. i.e...
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    MSFS Default airport still showing after installing airport addon

    Doubble check your delete runways= statement inside the airport tag in yout xml code of the airport file. See also the pretty detailled documentation on the msfs sdk web
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    MSFS Airport Building

    You can choose the required mod as a field in your mod data on flighsim dot to. I removed all my mods from flightsim so cannot tell you where it's currently based but it's there. Also schau mal wo das genau steht, aber die abhängigen Pakete kann man bei seinem eigenen Mod auch hinterlegen.
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    MSFS Airport Building

    If you use something from an addon of flightsim dot to page as an object, you must have downloaded the addon itself. Unfortunately everbody else has to do that. So you need to advice people about downloading the addon from which you have used the 3d people objects in addition to you addon. So...
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    MSFS Airport Building

    It's not pretty clear what You are trying to achieve, pls describe exactly what you are doing and the result you are expecting. guidoh#4520 via discord (auf deutsch).
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    Westerland/Sylt | EDXW | GWT

    WOW...WOW...WOW...WOW...WOW...WOW!! Very nice...... I made a version of EDXW about a year ago but is compared to your detailled work looking like a child's trial to copy a Van Gogh painting. Great work man
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    MSFS Taxi Light Scenery Object Not illuminating in Sim

    Hey I solved the problem a couple of month ago using a trick: put an apron below the taxiway and set the properties to not displaying it. make the apron a little bigger than the taxiway left an right border. That makes all the lights appear without any problems.
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    MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

    I assume, that the reason why it doesn't work is, that you have to us ID="box" NODE="ball" because the names correspondent to the blender content names. So give that a try. If it's not working, export the box and the ball into two different exports and use the visabilty only for the ball object.
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    MSFS Visibility

    send the blender file pls, node or node1?
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    MSFS Visibility

    Hey did you double check that the name of your sledge object in blender/3DS is called "node1"? I assume that is not the case but the reason. As indicated on your behaviour screen, your statement itself is ok. So my advice, check the name! Regards Guido
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    MSFS Default airport still showing after installing airport addon

    You need to enable making friends in discord which is not your current state.
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    MSFS Default airport still showing after installing airport addon

    Got it. Pls send the airport xml not the project xml
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    MSFS Default airport still showing after installing airport addon

    Well than if you would provide the package I could try and check it out. I have Win 11 as well. Pls also provide the airport xml file so I can check your settings regarding deletions You can contact me on discord Guido#4520
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    How to add an apron for a default airport

    There is no need for both und privat projects But of you Go the market place Contest is requiriert. You should check the SDK documentation. In ADE you don't need to take care of all this because the tool provides all the paths and required files. Using the scenery editor requires to take care...
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    MSFS Default airport still showing after installing airport addon

    Check the console messages in the eveloper mode and check the virtual files system if the status of your community airport is mounted or if there are any errors regarding it.
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    MSFS Unable to add 3D objects (in modelLib) / console keeps reporting errors

    Well as the error is telling you, the objects are not loadable from the virtual file system. So pls check your path settings. ADE is using it's own paths. When you have created your airport version, check Packages folder if the path of your modellib contains your mymodellib.bgl file as well as...
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    MSFS KSBP - San Luis Obispo Regional Airport - Available

    WOW what a fantastic work. I love it. So many details. How many hours, days, weeks, ... did you spent on that? For me too much details but if you are living close to that, it would be worth having it look like this. My deepest congrats
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    MSFS KDSM - Edge Lighting and Taxiway Centerline Lighting

    Did You use the "<delete...deletealltaxiways=TRUE />" option inside your <airport>-tag? That would exactly explaint the difference that you describe.
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    How to add an apron for a default airport

    Hi John, did u try to introduce a very basic new airport like 1000 meters distance with a very small radius. and then add aprons to it which are at the stock airport positions you want them to be? Who cares about the airport itself? Without a runway, it won't even be displayed but the apron...