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    P3D v5 Wrong landclass returned

    This may be long winded.....sorry. I am working on some sloped runways now that it's available in P3D. I chose some airports with significant slope to practice on. It's going pretty well. The grass runways are much easier to get right, but with work hard surface runways are doing pretty well...
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    P3D v4 Flags=6 in engine sounds?

    Does anyone know what a flag=6 is in engine sounds. The P3D SDK doesn't list a flag of 6. From the SDK: Flags have different functions when associated with different sounds: For all sounds: 0 = no flag 1 = disable sound For [combustion] sounds: 2 = damaged 4 = boost (not supported) 8 = jet...
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    P3D v4 ADE 1.75 Beta -Support for P3D v4

    One problem I have noticed...... I open an existing ADE airport that was compiled by ADE 1.71 or earlier for v2 or v3. I compile it with ADE 1.75 with paths to the V4 SDK. When I reopen the airport in ADE 1.75 (or use it in the simulator), the flattens are missing. The poly that was "Airport...
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    FSX Takeoff on 9, Land on 27

    I, too wish this functionality existed within FSX/P3D. Mountain Air, North Carolina (2NC0) also uses one runway for takeoff and the opposite for landing as the runway is steeply sloped. I have tried everything I know to make it work to no avail.
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    Landclass for Industry Region?

    If you have ORBX FTX Global and OpenLC, there are a couple of good industrial land classes included. You have to make some changes to the "shapePolyList.dat" file in ADE to use them, but it's not particularly difficult. I attached a couple of thumbnails.
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    P3D v3 A couple of things with ADE 1.71.6177.24088 FYI.

    It's as simple as that. I have Pro Key and moved it to 1.71. Works famously..... Thank you very much.
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    P3D v3 A couple of things with ADE 1.71.6177.24088 FYI.

    I know it's beta, so here are a couple of things I have noticed different from 1.70. 1. I can't hide objects. 2. I can't resize helper shapes by dragging corners. Probably just a setting I can't find. Great stuff from you folks, as usual.
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    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    Looks good from here. It says something about a server not responding. I assume that's because it's a developmental release. Thanks again.
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    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    Gladly! Thanks for your work on this and all of your "stuff4fs."
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    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    The AI "conversion" process is nothing more than changing the sound folder to "soundai", changing the sound.cfg to soundai.cfg, throwing out the panel, and throwing out any interior model. Also, some minor changes are made to the aircraft.cfg to make the AI version fly better. The more I look...
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    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    So, here is the scenario. I took an old FS9 airplane and converted it to AI (changed sound to soundai, etc.) This particular airplane, the ISDT Super King Air, did not require any modification of the .mdl file. It worked fine as AI as shown in this screenshot. When inputting the airplane...
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    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    I am currently away from my main computer for at least a week. I will put together some documentation for you when I return. The fact this has not been previously reported makes me think that I might be doing something else to cause the problem. I will get back to you in a few days.
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    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    I converted several old FS9 and FSX aircraft for use in P3D as AI. When inputting these aircraft in AIFP3, it sometimes notifies me that no model radius was included in the .mdl file or that the .mdl file was inaccessible. I entered a radius and and clicked on the "Update Aircraft config/Sim...
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    Invisible AI airplane

    After going through several iterations of "sometimes works, sometimes doesn't," I finally found the culprit. I was doing the AI flights using AI Flight Planner 3. It will often tell you that no model radius was found in the .mdl file and ask you to input one. When I saved the model radius to...
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    Invisible AI airplane

    Never mind. The developer placed what seemed like identical models in a folder named "spare." I tried one of the alternate models and it works perfectly. I can't discern any other difference in the models. Oh, well......
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    Invisible AI airplane

    I have an airplane that will render quite well as a user aircraft, but the same airplane will not render as an AI aircraft. It is a high quality freeware aircraft. What are the common causes of this? I am using P3Dv3 and have had much luck converting old aircraft all the way back to FS9 into...
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    P3D v3 Observation and questions regarding shadows....

    I knew I came to the right place! The setting for shadows is labeled "buildings." Checking the "buildings" option corrected the shadow issue under the static aircraft. It also placed shadows under any static library object including buildings, signs, trees, cars, trucks, and anything else not...
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    P3D v3 Observation and questions regarding shadows....

    I was recently updating an add-on airport that I modified with ADE 1.70. The original included some old FSX scenery (static aircraft). I added some newer ORBX static aircraft and some static aircraft I had created from some older FS9 files using ModelConverterX. The newer ORBX aircraft all...
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    ADE 1.67.5876 Beta - Accurate Library Object Footprints

    When I tried to add objects to the library, the application froze. Specifically, when the ORBX "Duck Set" from the latest ORXLIBS was added. Adding objects to the library is predictably slower, but it seems to have some problems with the animated objects. Not a real problem in that I use the...
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    Shadows and Custom GPs

    That's another interesting twist on the subject. All of my testing had been done on the same piece of ground varying only the aircraft.