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  1. BattleMetalChris

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Is that the AI traffic in the sim? What do you use to view it?
  2. BattleMetalChris

    Vehicle types on roads

    The issue is that I still want the stairs and buses etc around the apron, I just don't want them going round the perimeter road.
  3. BattleMetalChris

    Vehicle types on roads

    Aww that sucks. I don't suppose the 'weight limit' property affects the ambient vehicles (there could be a value of, say 2500lb so a car would drive a path but not a truck)? Or is that just for aircraft?
  4. BattleMetalChris

    Vehicle types on roads

    Is there any way to limit which type of airport vehicle drives on the VEHICLE type roads? The airport I'm making has a perimeter road which looks great when the patrol vehicles drive it. Not so great when a convoy of ten stairs drive it.
  5. BattleMetalChris

    MSFS Many airports with no buildings. Please explain.

    The AI isn't perfect, it sometimes misses things.
  6. BattleMetalChris

    I'm working on scenery... (2023)

    KLRD Laredo Intl Currently just parking and taxiways (as the default parking is about as wrong as it's possible to be) but I'll be doing aprons, custom textures and buildings once that's done.
  7. BattleMetalChris

    MSFS ADE crashes after build

    I get the same thing. It exports everything fine, but crashes immediately afterwards. Log attached.
  8. BattleMetalChris

    Editing an ADE file in FS2020

    I've created an airport from Stock in ADE. I've done a bit of editing, loaded it into the SDK and it all seems great. If I made edits in the SDK in the sim, will they be reflected in the ADE project too, or would need to create a new project from the updated scenery folder? (or is there an...
  9. BattleMetalChris

    Can we edit taxiway layouts yet?

    Oh fantastic, thanks :) I'll give that a try tonight.
  10. BattleMetalChris

    Can we edit taxiway layouts yet?

    Hi there, I've had about a year out from FS2020 SDK shenanigans so I'm kind of behind on what's available. Can we *edit* the default taxiways yet (like we could with AFCAD in FS9/FSX) or do we still need to clear them completely and start from scratch?
  11. BattleMetalChris

    MSFS The Goose flies again for MSFS

    I really like the idea of using AI Upscaling for the textures.
  12. BattleMetalChris

    EGCB - City Airport (Barton Aerodrome, Manchester UK)

    I'm in South Manchester, I've been there a couple of times, although I don't fly.
  13. BattleMetalChris

    EGCB - City Airport (Barton Aerodrome, Manchester UK)

    Well, we could still possibly work together :) It looks like your project is further on than mine. Are you planning on adding more detail to your buildings? Mine were intended to go into quite a lot of detail with full PBR textures.
  14. BattleMetalChris

    EGCB - City Airport (Barton Aerodrome, Manchester UK)

    Well that's great and I hope yours goes well, but do you not think it's kind of rude to rock up in someone else's showcase thread, a month after they've already started a project, post your own screenshots and say "sorry, I'm already doing this one"?
  15. BattleMetalChris

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    I think you're talking about Multiple materials, not multiple UVs. Multiple materials still all use the same set of UVs. I'm talking about adding a whole second set of UVS, and have the different textures pick which one within the same material. So you could have the Albedo use a different set...
  16. BattleMetalChris

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    As far as I can tell, the engine completely ignores mutiple UVs, even though the exporter is capable of exporting them. I've been looking into the GTLF format and how it defines everything. There's a part where the actual mesh is defined: "attributes" : { "POSITION" : 0...
  17. BattleMetalChris

    Why does this happen when I try and bake Ambient Occlusion?

    Seems it was intersecting polygons in the same object, but significantly, it was intersections that were no-where near the part that was wrong. If I detach the part I'm baking as a new object and bake, it come out fine. So I figure I can just split my object by material, bake everything and...