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  1. J

    FS2004 Fuel flow at different Mach speeds

    Yeah thought there was some catch. Frustrating. But I guess I'll just work on having fuel flow being correct at a standard cruise speed of 0.84 and accept 0.85 fuel flow being too high and 0.83 too low. Those crazy programmers. :p Appreciate the reply
  2. J

    FS2004 Fuel flow at different Mach speeds

    I came across some performance chart for a 747-100 & 747-200 with the -7A and -7J engines. So I loaded up the RFP 747 and messed around with the air file to kinda match what I could to get a similar performance. What I found is that the difference of fuel flow between difference each Mach...
  3. J

    FS2004 FMEE Roland Garros Airport, Reunion Island

    Nearly 400 downloads already. No luck involved. One of the best scenery developers for still one of the best, complete simulators available. As someone said on one of the flightsim forums, his YWG (one of the best of any sim available) is much better in FS9 than what he has in his MSFS. Not...
  4. J

    FS2004 FMEE Roland Garros Airport, Reunion Island

    Absolutely sensational. Like all your releases. FS2004 > Still rockin on!
  5. J

    FS2004 Compiler Error

    I also have the same issue. Trying to fix an airport with a bituminous runway saving it as asphalt. It only compiles into a ad4 thing, whatever that is. Also I get the same error trying to compile it into a bgl. I've noticed the MSXML 4 link shows its not Windows 10 compatible. Is that an...
  6. J

    FS2004 Boeing 747 Classic

    Awesome work Chris!
  7. J

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    Accurate? I didn’t see any thing accurate in that. Microsoft, the masters of illusions and unneeded updates. Some just get sucked in I suppose.
  8. J

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    How do you know they’re not? :) And what MS release had/has accurate default aircraft? So far all we know is it’s a graphics simulator. Until further (re. any) evidence that says otherwise, this one will only appeal to the young kids and gamers.
  9. J

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    Well, MS have to prove it. Not me. :) All I see is pretty graphics and freeware planes with junk FDE’s.
  10. J

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    No evidence it’s a flight simulator. Just a flight ‘simulator’. It’s Microsoft. And a new generation of kids. Fake world and unrealistic game play is in. Have a look how many were thought the MSFS reveal was lame. And said ‘flight simulator? Boring’. Game only.
  11. J

    FSX 2D Panels and Thank you

    Wow, these are great. 2D panels look so much better on a flat screen. And most ‘virtual’ cockpits look ordinary. Try comparing the difference between the Aeroworx King Air 2D panels and the Flight1 KA VC. No comparison. The F1 KA looks ordinary at best. Nice job!!!
  12. J

    FS2004 KRSW

    If going ‘forward’ to p3d and the same washed out graphics and cartoon clouds as fsx is a ‘much bette result’, I’ll stay in FS9 thank you. :) VOZ 1.8 (released a decade or more ago?) was added to the flightsim.com library a only a few months ago and already has nearly 1000 downloads.
  13. J

    P3D v3 Roll Resistance on ground?

    Kinda related but not, but does anyone have the sim1dll for FS9? I never tried it and I cant find any link or download for it. Any help appreciated.
  14. J

    FS2004 Fuel flow and Prop RPM

    2 fold question. I've been messing with the air file for the Aeroworx King Air. Awesome add-on that I'm obsessed with. I've changed the 1548 line to keep TQ from dropping off as quick as it was. So now I can achieve similar TQ numbers as a B200 with PT6A-52 engines. I used a POH from Raisebeck...
  15. J

    Do you still support FS9? Does it worth to do that?

    Trouble is when you get too much it autogen it gets misplaced. Fs9 seems to have it in ok numbers without being crazy. All shots around Seattle.
  16. J

    Do you still support FS9? Does it worth to do that?

    Well its a shame more haven't supported the superior platform for stable flightsimming. Although it hasn't stopped iFly from developing an awesome product in the 737, and now the 747 for fs9. If I knew how, I;d make fs9 scenery/airports untill the cows come home. But seems to be out of reach...
  17. J

    Do you still support FS9? Does it worth to do that?

    Who uses fsx? Lol. Biggest joke of all time and p3d is fast becoming one too. Nothing will even run as easy and as smooth as fs9. And on limited hardware. Anyway, with the new world textures by Sascha available for fs9 - looking far better then my fsx ever did, who wants to downgrade to fsx?
  18. J

    Spokane International Airport (KGEG)

    Hey nice! Love to see it available for fs9.
  19. J

    FS2004 1024x1024 rock textures

    Understand. I've only been concerned with the texture appearance so far. And I've only installed it in the Glacier Bay region so only loading in that area. Still got some sorting to do with a dodgy texture tile but other then that...all good! I've had FSX installed for month and gave it...
  20. J

    FS2004 1024x1024 rock textures

    Yeah converting all my (Aime's) textures just before - 1100+! - and was a difference. Overall look probably the same. Very hard to tell for quality. Colour was slightly different which was un-expected. Not sure because of the difference in dxt thingy I saved them in. Possibly one was 8 but...