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  1. Racer

    CVA Conversion

    I am running into the same issue James had above. Has anyone been able to import a .DFX into FSDS v3.5.1 with the CVA Converter? I am using windows 7.
  2. Racer

    How to turn a BGL on and off

    Hey guys, I am looking for a way to be able to turn a scenery object BGL on and off with a keystroke or a joystick button. I have two objects that I would like to control the visibility on and off and I hope there is a way to do this. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank...
  3. Racer

    The I am working on thread

    lol..that's good one. Well, every mod for every sim I have ever done has always been freeware and it is my intention to be no different with this mod. I have always worked under the donation principle. If you want to pay something you do, if you do not, you don't.
  4. Racer

    The I am working on thread

    Finished up the Flight Stick Torque Tube Assembly this evening. Everything pivots freely just like the real aircraft for maximum effect when it comes time to add the animations. http://extra300l.blogspot.com/
  5. Racer

    FSX Extra 300L Project

    Whew...the wings are finally completed. http://extra300l.blogspot.com/
  6. Racer

    FSX Extra 300L Project

    Finished up the brake hydraulics tonight. This system came out as I hoped it would. :) http://extra300l.blogspot.com/
  7. Racer

    FSX Extra 300L Project

    Well, I guess I could say is ANY of this needed? There is a stock Extra 300 that comes with FSX. And I guess I could tell A2A why bother with that new cool Piper J3 cub...FSX already comes with one. Believe me..I am very much aware of the FPS issue. Anyone who creates any mod is. However, I...
  8. Racer

    FSX Extra 300L Project

    An interested customer... http://extra300l.blogspot.com/
  9. Racer

    FSX Extra 300L Project

    Nope..Only Solidworks and 3D Studio Max.
  10. Racer

    FSX Extra 300L Project

    Another milestone hurdle was overcome tonight. A perfect merge of a component into 3D Studio Max. http://extra300l.blogspot.com/
  11. Racer

    Solidworks modeling; Audi R8 12 hours compressed to 5 minutes!

    Not that underused. ;) I also have that authors R8 and new F-16 tutorials. They are very good. http://extra300l.blogspot.com/
  12. Racer

    FSX Extra 300L Project

    Hi everyone. I just thought I would post a link to my new flight sim project I have just embarked upon. The Extra 300L. This is just such an exciting aircraft and one I have always wanted to do and I felt now was the time to do it. I have started a blog in which I will be showing all the...
  13. Racer

    Assigning multiple GUID's?

    I did find this description on how to add a GUID in 3D Studio Max. My issue is I need to associate the model to multiple GUID numbers. Is it possible to have more than one GUID entry per model? How would I do this? When I try to add another one like listed below it just keeps overwriting the...
  14. Racer

    Massive boat spray

    Hey guys, I am trying to add a Unlimited Hydroplane to the FSX simulation. The question I have is what do you feel would be my best option for adding in the huge water rostertail these boats create. Thanks, Racer
  15. Racer

    XtoMDL and BGLCompiler Issues

    Hey guys, I am trying to import a new static object (a bouy) into FSX. I have created this in 3D Studio Max and have set up the GUID and proper .dds texture on it. I have completed the next step of creating the .x file and .xanim file without an issue. They are visible on the desktop...