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    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    pitch_moment_aoa_table does something. If the value is changed to 10 then the wing will be moved really far forward. I guess its simulating changes in pitching moment by moving the wing location with aoa.
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    Is baking a ambient occlusion necessary if using PBR textures?

    This is correct. AO channel is for micro/high frequency AO that wont or cant be done by the screen space AO. There should always be an AO channel for any assets made in this game unless they are very simple surfaces, ie perfectly flat cubes.
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    MSFS Reflection windows

    MSFS is using screen space reflections and presumably some kind of real time EV - either cubemaps or spheres.
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    Aileron trim limits

    By looking through the executable with a decompiler. There are quite a few things that don't appear in any flight model or SDK but I haven't tried most of them.
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    Aileron trim limits

    There is "rudder_trim_limit = 0 ; Rudder trim max deflection angle (absolute value) (DEGREES)" No idea if it actually works.
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    MSFS What are the limitations of the engine?

    Currently it can only do one vertical. No v-tails or even canted verts.
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    MSFS I have a Hot Air Balloon

    Upload whatever files you are using
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    MSFS flightsimulator.exe and dlls etc WHERE ?

    This is only true for the windows store version.
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    MSFS We need a new FS2020-ready AirWrench, or AirEd :-)

    There is some additional explanation of the FM that is commented out of the HTML file in the SDK; I wish there was a way to use just the new FM and not have to deal with this normalization stuff.
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    MSFS Extra 300 in MFS, and the Pitts too...

    What are you using to graph the input and rate of roll? Something through simconnect?
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    MSFS Extra 300 in MFS, and the Pitts too...

    Fuse length being set to -1 isn't a bug or error it just clamps the fuselage length from the nose to the tail. I've been able to reduce the inertia to the point but right now I can't get rid of it completely. There is some 'lag' value that is being used and I can't figure out where the game is...
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    MSFS Prop( wash ) effects on yaw / roll...

    Put tables into; yaw_moment_aoa_table = 0:0 yaw_moment_slip_angle_aoa_table = 0:1 yaw_moment_yaw_rate_aoa_table = 0:1 yaw_moment_delta_rudder_aoa_table = 0:1 yaw_moment_slip_angle_mach_table = 0:0 yaw_moment_delta_rudder_mach_table = 0:0 yaw_moment_delta_aileron_mach_table = 0:0
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    MSFS MSFS materials

    There are no specular maps. There is a roughness channel though and that will do something similar to the old specular.
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    MSFS AI models

    Can you decompile other .bgl files? I want to get into the ASOBO_PROPS.blg in \fs-base\scenery\Global\Asobo_Props. I'm pretty sure this is where the road traffic models are stored.
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    MSFS glTF support for ModelConverterX

    Its BC7 for some textures. They might be using other BCn types as well.
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    MSFS MSFS2020 Flight Model

    I know that it typically is but it doesn't appear to be how its done on some of the default aircraft. The dr.400 has a horizontal area of 0 in flight_model.cfg and there is even an error message that gets spit out in-game. I'm wondering if this was intentional, ie how things were done in FSX...
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    MSFS MSFS2020 Flight Model

    Does area of horizontal/vert need to be the full area of that surface? That is to say including the rudder and elevator area?
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    MSFS High Level Overview of MSFS2020 Tech

    The game, at least the graphics side, is heavily related to A Plague Tale. There are references to materials used in that game inside the executable. I wonder if its possible to get some of those materials working in game - something like fur would be useful for passengers in older open-pit...
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    MSFS MSFS2020 Flight Model

    Have you taken a look at "Documentation/03-Content_Configuration/SimObjects/00-Aircraft/Flight_Model.html". It has mentions of a lot of the variables that are present but ignored by the FM. I'm not very familiar with FSX fm but I don't think this game is sharing much, if any, fm code besides the...
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    MSFS MSFS2020 Flight Model

    I've been messing around with the flight model trying to make a sailplane. One thing that seems odd to me is how large the FM fuselage is for most aircraft. There is some sideforce visual displaying so maybe part of the issue is this over sized fuselage. I'm fairly certain that those are used...