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  1. Skinner_11

    Outerra 2019

    I've been following Outerra development for years, and I have to say I'm really excited to see that someone is building a proper flightsim (albeit more geared towards combat stuff) on top of this technology.
  2. Skinner_11

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I can only hope that MS will truly deliver something more solid than Flight. P3D and X-Plane are both quite proven platforms now, but a bit of competition can always make things more interesting.
  3. Skinner_11

    RELEASED: Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX/P3D

    It is certainly inspiring that this is a project you started almost 5 years ago now, and work is still being done on it :) The details look amazing, wish you the best of luck and patience!
  4. Skinner_11

    P3D v4 Will P3D v4.4 bring any major changes to the current methods of creating scenery and aircraft?

    This will come in handy to all of you starting to experiment with PBR materials ;)
  5. Skinner_11

    P3D v4 Payload Manager

    Thank you very much for the quick answer Christian, good luck with your further projects ;)
  6. Skinner_11

    P3D v4 Payload Manager

    Very interesting addition! Do you think it would be possible to add models with clickspots and gauge logics via SimConnect like this?
  7. Skinner_11

    P3D v4 UGKO - Kutaisi International Airport - Georgia

    Thank you for the quick answer, that is understandable! Take your time, this is a very promising scenery so far and i'm sure it will fill a niche gap, as this destination has really been growing in the recent years!
  8. Skinner_11

    P3D v4 UGKO - Kutaisi International Airport - Georgia

    Hi David. Any news on this? :)
  9. Skinner_11

    P3D v4 Blender ground layering techniques

    Same way as in Max I recon. Every layer is a different object, and you assign them their priority in the stack in MCX.
  10. Skinner_11

    -RELEASED- Bremen International Airport | EDDW | BRE

    Happy to see my VW models textured, amazing work with the photos, really make them look like high-poly models! :)
  11. Skinner_11

    a ray encountered an invalid color (nan) using black instead

    I encountered this issue today, thank you very much! It instantly worked after I moved the part to a new scene :) I own a beer to your 2015 self :rotfl:
  12. Skinner_11

    We need a new prefix

    Not to sound like a party pooper. But could we get a prefix for AeroFlyFS2 as well maybe? I mean okay, it is not based on 10 years old code as FSW and the new P3D version, but... :stirthepo
  13. Skinner_11

    P3D v3 Installer and configurator for Global AI Ship Traffic P3D FSX

    If none of the above fits your needs, drop me a PM. I can put together a free custom installer/configurator tool in less than a month i would say (depends on the number of options needed).
  14. Skinner_11

    Prepar3D v4 incoming?

    Whatever... I mean they'll probably overcome the OOMs by making it 64 bit, BUT! It's still the same base (ESP), with the same limitations. Performance won't be much better. Why bother, when X-Plane 11 and Aerofly has a lot more potential?
  15. Skinner_11

    Aerofly 2 Released; Beta; Steam Games

    This all looks quite promising to be honest. Read through the SDK wiki, and the naming conventions, the formats... So much more developer friendly than what we have with the MSFS line of sims.
  16. Skinner_11

    DashCalc utility

    Hi everyone! About two months ago I started developing a simple utility to quickly get reference speeds for the beloved Majestic Dash 8. The first try looked like this: My friends loved it, but i was not really satisfied. I mean, it was an ugly console application... So I started...
  17. Skinner_11

    Aero AT3 Aircraft

    Well, I started doing one, years ago. As I do not have free time (exams, exams and well, exams) and much interest (kinda gave up on FS) I'm not sure if it'll be ever finished.
  18. Skinner_11

    Execute .lua script from external application via FSUIPC

    So... I managed to figure it out on my own :) Basically, you want to write to the 0x0D70 offset, and pass the Lua command with the name of your lua. In c# that would be: if (_fsuipcConn) //first we check if we're connected to FS { Offset<string> luaset = new...
  19. Skinner_11

    Execute .lua script from external application via FSUIPC

    Hey everyone! Is it possible to use the FSUIPC SDK, to call a .lua file in the simulator, let's say for example, when a button is pressed in the app? Regards :wave:
  20. Skinner_11

    Adding elements to Virtual Cockpit

    Well, that's what I'll do now... :) But I think it would add more to the immersion if you could access it from 3D cockpit.