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  1. dickb

    FSX AI Aircraft Engine Start Sequence

    I suspect I know the answer to this question, but I have to ask it anyway. Is there any way to change the engine startup sequence on AI prop a/c ? Reason I ask is that I have an a/c which, as a flyable model in response to autostart (Ctrl+E), starts the engines in sequence 1,2,3,4. This isn't...
  2. dickb

    FSX Slowing Down Animation

    I'm sure I'm missing something. Is there a quick way to slow down an animation other than changing the timings on all the frames ? I have an animation with six parts, each with 100 frames, so that will take a while ! I thought changing the Length might do it, but that doesn't seem to have an...
  3. dickb

    FSX AI Not Communicating With ATC After Takeoff

    I just converted another a/c to FSX and AI. I plugged it into my standard simple AI test flight plan (takeoff, do a circuit and return), which if flies beautifully and correctly. However, although the pilot requests (and receives) taxi clearance from Ground and takeoff clearance from Tower...
  4. dickb

    FSX One Button Flight Save/Reload Facility

    Saving/Reloading a flight can be an effective solution when running short of VAS in FSX. On my system it can recover as much as 1GB. I know there are several tools out there to save flights manually or automatically, but you still have to use the FSX UI to do the reload. What I'm looking for is...
  5. dickb

    FSX AI Aircraft Not Controlled in Flight

    This is a new one on me, and I haven't been able to find mention of it anywhere else. I have about 30 WW2 airfields, each with three flights of (different) AI a/c. Using flight plans created on AIFP, these aircraft either take off for "air tests" (i.e. take off, do a circuit and land back at...
  6. dickb

    FSX TS Pro - Unable to Decompile CVX BGLs

    Hi folks - I suspect I'm missing something or doing something really stupid. Or both. I'm using TS Pro for the first time (I've previously used SBX for terrain building/modification). I was attracted to TS Pro because of its ability to import terrain BGLs. What I want to do is import a default...
  7. dickb

    FSX AI Arrivals Anomaly

    Hi folks - could someone help me out here. I don't think this is an AIFP bug, just something I (probably) don't understand about FSX AI. I have the AI at my (UK WW2) airfields set up so they do a quick air test (take off, fly a circuit and land at the same airfield) in the morning, then fly out...
  8. dickb

    FSX Orphan Parking and CTDs

    I've read in recent posts that orphan parking spots are a major cause of CTDs. I have several airfields that have orphan parking spots (my carelessness/convenience) and yet I've have never had any problems. These spots are only used for "static" AI a/c that only take off and land at 04:00 when...
  9. dickb

    FSX Pattern Altitude and AI Aircraft

    This is kind of an academic question, given that I fixed the problem. But I am curious. I somehow managed to create one of my airfields with a pattern altitude of zero feet on one of the runways. Even so, most of my AI a/c did good approaches and landings. Except one. This one, which was not...
  10. dickb

    FSX Merging Objects

    Hi Arno - I have just started experimenting with the Merge Objects function in MCX. I thing it has great potential for creating vignettes/tableaux of e.g. aircraft undergoing maintenance with towers, bowsers, maintenance personnel etc to place in front of hangars as one object. One question...
  11. dickb

    FSX Texture Not Displaying

    I have a puzzle. I have a vehicle model (a jeep) that I picked up someplace (can't recall where) a long while ago. The other day I noticed that only half the model is displaying in FSX. I checked it out on MCX (where it textures and displays fine) and isolated the problem to one texture. The...
  12. dickb

    FSX Fuel Truck Behaviour Around Parked AI Aircraft

    I've been having some fun adding crew buses to my WW2 airfields using the fuel truck system. I've replaced the default sm2 fuel truck model with one of Ian P's RAF trucks and set up the airfield with enough Vehicle parking spots to service my AI aircraft. And it all works pretty well - the buses...
  13. dickb

    AI Boat Traffic As Ground Vehicle Traffic ?

    I'm trying to add some custom AI road traffic (not service vehicles) to some of my FSX airfields. I read somewhere that it is possible to set up AI boat (ferry) traffic plans to move vehicles on land, but so far I have been unable to achieve this. I have tried using both TrafficDataBaseBuilder...
  14. dickb

    FSX Object Parts Disappearing and Re-Appearing - FSDS and MCX

    I've been wrestling with a problem for several days and I finally think I've got it beat - sort of. But I have some questions ! Basically I built some objects (WW2 Bomb Trolley with/without bombs and RAF Scaffold Tower) using FSDS. Not great (I'm fairly new to this), but OK for me. I then found...
  15. dickb

    Texturing Interior of Cylinder ?

    Is it possible to texture the inside of a cylinder ? I've tried everything I can think of, and looked around the forums, all without success. The interior of my cylinders always ends up transparent.
  16. dickb

    No Shadows

    This is (probably) a very dumb question - do I need to have Ground Scenery Shadows enabled in FSX in order to see shadows from SAMM-generated static a/c ? I have all the a/c shadows enabled, but that doesn't seem to give me shadows.
  17. dickb

    Lighting The Active Runway

    I fly mainly from WW2 airfields, so most of the modern approach lighting is not appropriate. The best I have been able to do so far is to add simple edge lighting to my runways, plus End Lights. This works OK, but what I would really like to happen is to have only the Active runway lit in...
  18. dickb


    Hi folks - can anyone point me at a link where I can download the BLNMARKER tool ? Alternatively can anyone send me a copy if, as I believe, it is freeware ? Thanks !