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  1. xr219

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Certainly in P3D4.5 and this AI Package I could easily see the ships when flying the 146 or VC10 at FL30 or below. But its even better at lower levels obviously. Flying from EGAC or EGPH you would get a realistic amount of traffic in the Irish Sea or Firth of Forth and indeed the Dover...
  2. xr219

    Airfield altitude

    I haven’t placed them anywhere Neil, just converted them. All of the texture for all of the models are in the textures folder. If you want them placed somewhere let me know. If you want to do it yourself, if you place all of the folders in the zip file ModelLib folder in your project, then...
  3. xr219

    Airfield altitude

    Did you get the models Neil?
  4. xr219

    Airfield altitude

    George asked me about this the other day, I don’t remember setting it. It seems to sit nicely on the ground. At East Fortune for example, the undulations are pretty accurate to real life.
  5. xr219

    MSFS glTF support for ModelConverterX

    I tend to convert mine to PNG first too. It does support jpg and actually DDS too, but I've had some funnies with the flipping of the DDS textures, so, like George, found it easier to convert them to PNG first.
  6. xr219

    MSFS glTF support for ModelConverterX

    Hi Arno, A "texture" folder on the same folder as the model is exported to would be a big help and fairly self explanatory. It would also mean that if you were exporting multiple models for the same project, they would have a common texture folder. Just my tuppence worth :)
  7. xr219

    MSFS Maintaining ongoing MSFS projects

    I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. I’ve done a couple of airports and scenery areas and I can open the project up and easily add more to it. You can’t open the compiled (or built) package, that’s effectively a sealed point in time. You need to edit your original source add the new...
  8. xr219

    A new era for freeware?

    I think it depends on the type of flying you do. I would love to spend more time flying in the sim, but there is nothing that really interests me in the aircraft selection at the moment, so I'm playing with doing some scenery (as a hobby - not as anything significant). The question is how much...
  9. xr219

    Deleting GATES and RAMPS defoults

    I didn't think you could edit the defaults at all. I was pretty sure you had to build a new one and make the changes in that?
  10. xr219

    MSFS AI aircraft stops on runway. How to build path for runway?

    You can have more than one section of TAXI between the hold shorts (in pink) and the RUNWAY paths (in red). TAXI paths marked in green
  11. xr219

    MSFS AI aircraft stops on runway. How to build path for runway?

    You need to link your taxi paths to the runway. They need to be connected. The path on the centreline of the runway needs to be type runway and the paths joining it are type taxi. You will also notice that the runway path has to be given a number associated with the TE number. What I ended...
  12. xr219

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    Yep, a few other users have reported similar issues. It was never tested with 2.90 though and the instructions have always been for 2.83. That said, he is going to try and make it work with 2.90, but this version does not.
  13. xr219

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    We know this, its in the thread above. At the moment you need to use 2.83 LTS
  14. xr219

    ICAO not recognized

    I've change the ICAO for you to LFBQ... Apologies if you already understand this point, but you need only yo copy the folder "crea95-lesbordes" which exists inside your "Packages" folder to the "community" folder.
  15. xr219

    ICAO not recognized

    Hi Serge, Its still showing as the old ICAO on my Sim...
  16. xr219

    ICAO not recognized

    Hi Serge, Its still showing as the old ICAO on my Sim...
  17. xr219

    ModelConverterX Not opening

    Ed, There's a Windows update to .net framework this month. I'm wondering if its Pending install on your machine and causing some sort of problem?
  18. xr219

    Can someone help a newbie before he loses his mind?

    @White Hawk This is where I started. Its a great guide. Follow it carefully. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/introduction-to-msfs-sdk-scenery.448469/
  19. xr219

    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Hi Neil, No problem at all. If you send me a PM I'll try and help.
  20. xr219

    MSFS Vehicle roads on airport

    There is currently an issue where roads cannot be excluded. This is currently a limitation of the SDK. It is caused because the roads you are seeing are not actually part of the airport. We are waiting on an updated SDK which should enable us all to exclude these.