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  1. MatthewC

    Ptsim is a VIRUS?

    Soon i hope, me not having an anti virus program i had to get one cause i got one from the site not knowing it was a real threat when i clicked go ahead.
  2. MatthewC

    Ptsim is a VIRUS?

    I don't know why it is saying this but on google chrome the website is marked as a site that contains malware. I know this is a mistake cause the good people there wouldn't give us a virus.I think that the guys that hack the site before may have did something to it again but i don't really...
  3. MatthewC

    Cessna Citation

    WOW this looks like this is going to be one of the best citations out there
  4. MatthewC

    FSX Map from disk

    Try to right click on the image and rename it to Photo01
  5. MatthewC

    FSXA what is this ?

    They also use them as a runway light marker so you don't hit the light but like others said its probably just to tell you that something is there. What airport is this?
  6. MatthewC

    FSXA what is this ?

    Looks like a reflective decal to warn you about the cliff at night.
  7. MatthewC

    Combining & splitting GeoTIFF files

    Um not 100% sure because i have the full version
  8. MatthewC

    FSXA 3U2 - Johnson Creek Airport

    Looks like a fun place to fly into, good job so far.
  9. MatthewC

    Royal Navy Ships

    Whats the name of that ship in the last pic?
  10. MatthewC

    Now you can build 3d models inside FSX!

    Just a thought, if you are in fsx and running this at the same time, wouldn't it be even more ram being used.
  11. MatthewC

    Combining & splitting GeoTIFF files

    The easy way is with Global Mapper(there is a demo), you can load as many images at one at once and then you can export with boundaries of 2048x2048 or what ever you need. I think this is easier if you aren't good with command prop like me and need a gui.
  12. MatthewC

    low performance

    I had 120 textures before and i had no slowness with gmax and the internet opened.
  13. MatthewC

    Technique for lining up with photoscenery

    Ok i will try that because i usually use platforms instead of aprons in adx.
  14. MatthewC

    Technique for lining up with photoscenery

    Does anyone have a technique for lining up a runway in gmax with fsx because i am almost done with my project but it is offset and i can't get it right. I always see other people how they have perfect and just wondering how.
  15. MatthewC

    Orbx 2cm

    That how they did it then i was just asking my self how is it 2cm but know i know, thanks
  16. MatthewC

    Orbx 2cm

    So i saw orbx's new scenery and it said that they used 2cm imagery but i though fsx can only handle 7cm, so what would be the point of using something that isn't fully shown, or was fsx tweaked?
  17. MatthewC

    Scenery Design Program?

    I have a good list of programs you could use. If you are new to 3d modeling, gmax is the best since its like 3d max but outdated, plus its free. Of course there is 3d max, AC3D, and you could use blender if you like any features it offers but i find the interface to be a little hard to learn...
  18. MatthewC

    Oh! An airfield is in sight! :D

    I like the blending you did with the winter landclass. Looks like its going to turn out good.
  19. MatthewC

    FSX Best Regional Airport!

    My favorite is Harrisburg Intl(my hometown) mostly because of the amount of military traffic goes in and out. Plus frontier is coming soon.
  20. MatthewC

    Using 3DSMax

    yeah anyway its on a school laptop they give us which they blocked everything lol :(