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    FS2004 NonLinearityTable won't work

    try it once so <NonLinearity> <Item Value="-4" Degrees="-90"/> <Item Value="0" Degrees="0"/> <Item Value="4" Degrees="90"/> <Item Value="8" Degrees="180"/> </NonLinearity> or this variant <Element> <Position X="100" Y="100"/> <Image Name="gfneedle.bmp"> <Axis X="20" Y="80"/> </Image>...
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    FS2004 Payload station

    aircraft.cfg XML station_load.0= (A:PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:1, kilogram) station_load.1= (A:PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:2, kilogram) station_load.2= (A:PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:3, kilogram) etc
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    FS2004 Angle of Attack gauge not working

    My AOA indicator. And this is the XML configuration. <Gauge Name="AOA indicator" Version="1.0"> <Image Name="AOA indicator_back.bmp" Luminous="Yes"/> <Element> <Position X="155" Y="155"/> <Image Name="AOA indicator_needle.bmp"> <Axis X="120" Y="5"/> </Image>...
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    FS2004 attitude bank xml code

    Reduce this part to a point.
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    P3D v2 Angle of attack at cruise speed, adjusting

    AAM works in P3D? Then times See table 401. Lift vs Mach Speed
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    P3D v2 Part unhides in 3 minutes; part code

    A FS9 syntax. <part> <Name>XXX</Name> <visible_in_range> <Parameter> <Code> (A:LIGHT NAV, bool) if{ 180 } els{ 0 } </Code> <Lag>1</Lag> </Parameter> <minvalue>1</minvalue> </visible_in_range> </part> If the NAV light off, then the Part XXX yet...
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    FS2004 Makemdl.Parts XML - Stacked (nested) <Parts>?

    <part> <name>anchors</name> <visible_in_range> <parameter> <code> (A:BRAKE PARKING POSITION, position) 1 &gt; if{ 1 } els{ 0 } </code> </parameter> <minvalue>1</minvalue> </visible_in_range> </part> <part> <name>sailsecured</name> <visible_in_range> <parameter> <code> (A:BRAKE PARKING POSITION...
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    FS2004 Basic xml Code Help Needed

    <part> <name>Part_A</name> <visible_in_range> <parameter> <code> (A:Trailing edge flaps0 left angle, degrees) 50 &lt; <!-- 50 &lt = Part_A is visible below 50 ° --> if{ 1 } els{ 0 } </code> </parameter> <minvalue>1</minvalue>...
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    FSX animations in FSDS3.51

    By hierarchies. This method is required for complex animations.
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    FSX animations in FSDS3.51

    I can only speak for fs9. I do not know if the default animations work in FSX . For the standard animations you need a specific part name. Write the name in FSDS3.5 by hand, ... ..., then the animation in FS9 does not work. For its own name must for the animation be created an xml...
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    FSX animations in FSDS3.51

    In FSDS does the animation, but it does not in FSX?
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    FSX animations in FSDS3.51

    You must the X-axis for the rotation to align.
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    Airupdate: Failed to start up the flight model

    Have you made it so. There are also tables, as the number of rows and columns is limited. AAM indicates it, the FS but not accepted this.
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    Can one 'read' throttle movement speed?

    The difference thrust lever position in percent minus motor speed in percent. I use this for variable smoke effects. <Element> <Select> <Value> (A:ENG1 N1 RPM,percent) 20 &gt; if{ (A:GENERAL ENG1 THROTTLE LEVER POSITION,percent) (A:ENG1 N1 RPM,percent) - 15 &gt...
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    where can I find bill lionhearts FS2004 'Unlimited Export' System pdf?

    I have tested and the VC integrated into the exterior model. outside model (Su-22_800.x file) cockpit for outside model (Su-22_400.x file) VC (Su-22_interior.x file) The configuration in the ASM file making problems. First the VC double (Canopy) in the outside model, then the shadow...
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    FSXA Engines shutdown when loading aircraft

    Are these switches L: variables? L: variables are set to zero when starting the Flightsimulator and loading the aircraft. You have to configure this switch with the default A: Vatiablen.
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    FSX RPM needle problem

    A:ROTOR RPM PCT = Helicoptor :1 ??? This parameter omitted?
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    FS2004 Too low Power at Idle

    In the air file, the thrust force can be edited in accordance with the rotation speed. This does not in the aircraft.cfg.