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    MSFS airport creation need you

    Hi ! Looking for a developer to create custom jetway and to animate a jetway for MSFS, as well as airport ground, taxiline drawing, etc. Paid job. Please contact info@samscene.com Thank you.
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    MSFS Platform, a surface that an aircraft can move on

    Hello ! I am wondering how you can add the taxi line onto the object surface, and make the MSFS itself thinks it is a taxi path so the AI aircrafts still can move along it
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    MSFS elevated taxiway bridge

    Hello everyone ! I am creating an airport for MSFS. How can I make an elevated taxiway bridge ? Something like that the aircraft can taxiing across it but which is elevated like a bridge so that the car traffic can run under the bridge. I don't know if it should be made as an apron or taxipath...
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    paid project for MSFS airport jetway

    Dear all, SamScene3D is developing a small airport and is looking for someone who can build a custom animated jetway model used for MSFS, as well as some airport custom ground textures if need, please email them with your price if interested. email: info@samscene.com Thank you
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    SDK Crash when click on build package

    I am having the same issue, it happens since last week, but not all airports have this ctd crash when click build, just some, any solution until now ?
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    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    I got this error when exporting the object from blender: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\fsy\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons\MSFSToolkit\exporter\__init__.py", line 565, in execute return gltf2_blender_export.save_ext_gltf(context...
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    FSX create linetopoint problem

    I remove the previous bgl files everytime I export the new ones
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    FSX create linetopoint problem

    It made no difference in the file size, even l have tried to set the distance to 50000 and the result is the light objects still very dense as shown in the screenshot
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    FSX create linetopoint problem

    Hi Arno, I have tested it again, the number of files produced is the same, no matter I set the distance 200,400 or 600, the number of bgl files exported is the same, it doesn't change
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    FSX create linetopoint problem

    thank you arno, where can I find the log file ? the script is that: ImportOGR|bangkok.osm|*|highway|NOREPROJ SPLITGRID|AGN|*|FROMFILE="bangkok.osm" Linetopoint|FTYPE="LINE"|SINGLE|200;200|0;0|50|String;type|light|hdg...
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    FSX create linetopoint problem

    Hello, When I try to create street light, I set the minimum and maximum distance of 200 meters per light object, but the result is still very dense, no matter I tried 400 and 800, the result is the same, it doesn't change. Linetopoint|FTYPE="LINE"|SINGLE|200;200|0;0|50|String;type|light|hdg...