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    P3D v4 Stuff4fs.com AIFP3?

    I had that same thought but this has been going on for 2 days. Maybe they shut down the site. But thanks for the idea.
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    P3D v4 Stuff4fs.com AIFP3?

    When I load the program I am now receiving a 503 error. (server not available) I know what that means.) My question is this. I build the FPs then check to see if they work and nothing is there. So can this program work with connection to the Stuff4fs server? If so how do I do it?
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    P3Dv4 Aircraft will not depart.

    The aircraft is there. Departure time is set for 24hrs leaving at 0900 local time (pacific coast) I have "watched" my flight sim on 2x speed for 3 hours and the aircraft will not depart. I use ultimate traffic and all of that traffic works. So what am I missing. Why will none of the aircraft I...
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    P3D v4 and ADE 2 questions

    I have installed ADE and have successfully updated a stock airport. I configured it BUT I do not know where to place the file. (FS X had a file called add on scenery in the sim object folder) I can't find the correct place to put modified airports. Is it possible to use the airports that I...
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    How do I add a new airline "parking" code to the listing

    I need to add an airline parking code but cant seem to find the listing.
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    Changes I make to parking at an airport not showing when I run FSX-se

    . I've done that and this is result. I open the file KIWA_ADEX_RSM.ad4 and modify it. I them hit the compile in the upper right which gives me a compile menue box. I hit compile from this box and then save. the result is this. in the ADE projects box there is nothing. In the BGL file box...
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    Changes I make to parking at an airport not showing when I run FSX-se

    I think I have the paths right but my work when it is saved is not becoming a bgl file its saving as AD4
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    Changes I make to parking at an airport not showing when I run FSX-se

    ADE edits for default mostly and a few for AFCADS I download and put them in add on scenery; scenery file. I thought that if I compiled the file then save that would work but I get an error msg. stating that "ADE cannot find the shp2vec compiler that is needed to compile...….. I have the files...
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    Changes I make to parking at an airport not showing when I run FSX-se

    I've figured out how to add move and change parking spots at an airport BUT after I finish and save the airport and run the sim the changes are not there. I'm sure i'm missing a step but haven't figured out which step! Help please. This happens in both default and AFCADS I download from FS...
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    Adding Airlines to parkingspec list

    I am trying to add airlines to the parking list for use in FSX-SE. Im using ADE 175. I find 2 files for parking in FSX. I add the airline to both and save. Then when I go to the airport in which I want to add the airline to some gates when I place the code in the gate information no color...