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    MSFS Controlling AI traffic

    I already had a look at the 'AI Objects and waypoints' sample in the MSFS SDK documentation but I couldn't find what I was looking for, which is the ability to set a lat/long/alt position for any AI aircraft. But I may have missed something, the SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject function might do...
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    MSFS Controlling AI traffic

    Hi experts, I would like to create AI traffic that I fully control with an external app. For example, I would like to program a light aircraft to fly a pattern infinitely, landing and going around. I saw that SimConnect lets you create AI traffic, giving you the control over the flight plan you...
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    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    I agree, speed is important. I think I manage it correctly, going down from 230 to 140 in final. The problem is that is used to work fine, and it doesn't work any more. I made some changes and now it seems to work again, but I don't know why... So I don't know when it may fail again. Very...
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    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    No, this is not the reason. I checked my code and I already had a function that prevent GPS DRIVES NAV1 to be engaged. Another test flight showed the aircraft started the descent when intercepting the glideslope, but it went down so strongly that it crashed into the ground, as if the PID...
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    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    You're right, this might be the explanation, I didn't think about this... I don't change this mode, but if it was set to GPS during a previous usage of the sim, it may remain and the ILS guidance does not work anymore. I will check this ASAP.
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    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    Hello experts, I am developing an aircraft that has the ability to fly an ILS approach using the autopilot. The LOC mode guides the aircraft on the lateral axis (localizer) and the APR guides it on both lateral and vertical axis (approach mode, handling both localizer and glideslope). To engage...
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    MSFS CoherentGTUI Thread

    Hello experts, In the MSFS FPS counter window, a section is dedicated to the CoherentGTUI Thread, do you know to what it corresponds? I ask this question because I would like to optimize my JavaScript code to reduce the time taken by this thread and I would like to know what part of the code...
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    MSFS WASM gauge size

    I know nothing about WASM, never used it, but I have used previous versions of the sim before (fs9, FSX, P3D). I remember I used to get the on-screen gauge size, in pixels, dynamically through my code. I can't remember exactly but I can provide a code sample if needed, but I am sure you already...
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    MSFS Power set with AUTO_THROTTLE_TO_GA

    When I use this AUTO_THROTTLE_TO_GA event ID to set TO/GA power (with auto-throttle turned on), the power is set to get N2 to 92%. Why is this value set at 92%? Where is it defined? In my systems.cfg and I have this: [AUTOPILOT] autopilot_available =1 autothrottle_available =1...
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    I replied by email

    I replied by email
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    I saw you were asking me to review an fbx file, but I don't know what this file is for. Please...

    I saw you were asking me to review an fbx file, but I don't know what this file is for. Please let me know exactly what you are expecting from me.
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    Hi Iveta, Yes. Even if I am still working on another project, I have some free time. What do...

    Hi Iveta, Yes. Even if I am still working on another project, I have some free time. What do you need me for? Eric
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    MSFS Anyone know how TOOLTIP_TITLE works in the new system?

    Hello experts, I join this discussion now because I am interested in custom tooltips and descriptions. For a simple CDU push button, I would like to get the same result as in the standard 747, like this: I could set the tooltip title as expected but I was unable to have the description...
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    MSFS Autopilot settings

    I wrote this post a while ago. some time passed since then and I learnt a lot about the aircraft settings. I confirm the problem you see on the video is because of poor PID settings in the aircraft configuration files. I am working on a custom aircraft that also had wrong behavior regarding ILS...
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    MSFS Cockpit sounds

    I finally found the explanation, it was a problem in the aircraft interior model file. A small inconsistency in the XML and it ruins all the rest... Now fixed, fortunately.
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    MSFS Cockpit sounds

    JS is not so complex, you should give it a try. This is useful if you plan to create aircraft add-ons.
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    MSFS Cockpit sounds

    JavaScript :D
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    MSFS Cockpit sounds

    Hello experts, I use JS and not WASM, and I am playing sounds using the playInstrumentSound function, it works perfectly as long as the sounds are in the <Avionics> section, perfect. Now the problem I have is when using sounds defined as wave files. For example this "don't sink" aural warning...
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    MSFS Cockpit sounds

    Jean_L, You should also make sure your sound definition (shown on your screenshot) is in the right section of the sound.xml. I think this is important. I am playing with avionic sounds and if they are not defined in the <AvionicSound> section, they don't work. Eric
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    MSFS Cockpit sounds

    Hi degorap, Thanks for sharing this sound configuration. I was wondering how to play this kind of sound, now I understand how it is done through an L:var.