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  1. Hangar32

    Trees on the runway for some of us

    I assume this means that all the EDGU scenery files are in the number 1 spot - top of the scenery list…specifically that the two with ORBX Germany have placed the EU Germany scenery below the EDGU scenery. If that is so, you have obviously done every thing correct. If they are still getting...
  2. Hangar32

    Creating a Global AI Shipping Package for FSX

    Don’t know if it has already been mentioned in this thread-at 560+ posts I’ll admit to not having read every one…Haze Gray Simulations has “recreated” the US Navy in a pay ware package. I am pretty sure its tracks are deconflicted with this project. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Hangar32

    Landable helipad in wood

    That depends. Since this is a developers site, I initially assumed you are looking for something you can add to scenery you are building. If that is the case you are better off making it yourself. In gMax you can creat a “hard surface” helipad and assign it a “wood” surface. However, that only...
  4. Hangar32

    Cockpit windows

    Wow! I've been using that method–with varying success–for the fuselage, but never thought to use it for a canopy. Thanks!
  5. Hangar32

    An aircraft carrier as an airport

    I guess my puzzlement is why make an aircraft carrier an “airport” in the first place? Since FSXA enables “real-virtual” aircraft carriers that move. Yes, you have to creat a saved flight with your aircraft parked on the carrier deck…and a simple edit in the .FLT file The problem with a static...
  6. Hangar32

    DC-8 on short final

    So…does this mean I have to get rid of my Just Flight DC-8? :eek: Seriously, it looks great!
  7. Hangar32

    How do I make a detailed building texture?

    First, I think your textures look great! A couple of suggestions: The electric meter comes off a bit flat. You might try a bit of shadowing and a bit of "glare" on the glass (using a bit of "dodge" in your graphics app). The door looks a bit "slim" when rendered. This is a common issue...
  8. Hangar32

    P3D v4 GMAX and the Tutorial for Ground polygons.

    Coming in a bit late to this however… When I started with gMax a decade ago, I found this book to be invaluable The gMax Bible I still use it…a lot! Jumping right into gMax and doing ground polys right a way is a steep learning curve. I remember my first ground polys…they were ugly. Even...
  9. Hangar32


    This is going to be like when the computer help desk asks you,”Is your computer plugged in and turned on?”, but worth a mention … Is your BGL compile folder set to Addon Scenery/scenery? Or some other folder that is set in your Scenery list? My (unfortunately too common) error is not setting...
  10. Hangar32

    Aging Gracefully?

    The true indicator of forgetfulness is when you run a search query on the FSDeveloper forums for some issue you cannot figure out…and the query returns a post you previously made asking the same question. I have had that happen more times than I care to remember.
  11. Hangar32

    FSX Tip: Turboprop startup

    This is a VERY interesting thread…although not being an aircraft builder was lost after " (A:GENERAL ENG STARTER:1,bool) if…" o_O I have found this to be an issue with several commercially produced turboprops. If I had a dime for every time I took a speedy trip around the airport–parking...
  12. Hangar32

    P3D v2 United States Navy -- all of it.

    If you think about it, the “submarine issue” isn’t really an issue. In the real Navy, which I was a part of for 28 years, once a sub goes sinker, unless you are flying a P-3, P-8 or SH-60 you are probably not going to have “interaction” with the boat. FSX is certainly not set up for an AI...
  13. Hangar32

    Orbx 0.1 width airports

    Glad other you have a "bandaid" fix (in the UK it would probably be called a "plaster fix" ;)) for your issue through ADE. As usual, ADE seems to have sorting to remedy every challenge - an awesome app! That said, =rk= has a valid point. The problems is not with ORBX, it is a VoxATC issue...
  14. Hangar32

    ADE new to it

    Something to think about is that it may not be your airport. It may be your AI traffic. I currently use UT II but have also had success with Traffic 360. I’ve used FSX’s traffic but like having a nicer interface. UT II pretty much takes the “math” out of AI Traffic planning. Then again it...
  15. Hangar32

    Mentor Wanted, I'll do the homework :)

    In high school I learned Basic, which I still think is a great language. In 1983 I programmed a flight simulator (control panel and map; no scenery for the HP85 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_series_80 ) I was an engineer so I learned Fortran…with punch cards. Then I was a Navy officer...
  16. Hangar32

    FSX help with my water mask

    Not sure if this will work but possibly worth a try. If you change the water class under those bodies of water, to one of the inshore brownish WCs, and then follow the the above, it might provide the look you are going for. For those more experienced, if I am "out to lunch" with this idea, let...
  17. Hangar32

    GMax and effects: blinking red lights?

    I use gMax with the FSX plugin so it may be different. When I want a hazard light in an object. Either I use one of the obstruction light effects, or the fx_navred, then place it using the attachment menu, or if I want a more specific light, I make it from scratch—texture in a paint program...
  18. Hangar32

    Taxipath type Taxi and type Path. What is the difference?

    LOL if I had a penny for every time the "penny dropped" when I as half way through drafting a question…well I wouldn't be rich because they are just pennies…I'd probably have enough for a cup of coffee though. :) As I've begun to use some of the more complicated elements of ADE, I think I have...
  19. Hangar32

    Taxipath type Taxi and type Path. What is the difference?

    Thanks for the explanation of the arrows. Understanding which is left / right is important when drawing those taxiways that pass by, but do not enter, a parking area. You want to use a dashed line or no line …now I get it. I may not be a noob but I sometimes have noob questions...
  20. Hangar32

    Taxipath type Taxi and type Path. What is the difference?

    This is more of a question for Jon. I've never have much attention to the arrows on the taxi/path/parking lines…but in jparnold's example I notice that the parking arrows are facing into the parking spot. Could that be the issue? I have seen some community developed military bases where the...