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    MSFS Is there a way to get Rid of Noise Texture on Projected Mesh?

    So i imported my groundpolygon as a projected mesh however im having this issue where MSFS applies a sort of overlay texture above this ground Poly.Usually this isnt an issue when its asphalt or concrete but i have things like drains in the groundpoly so when this texture is applied over it ,the...
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    MSFS Created Material Not showing After Building Package

    So i Created my material as someone showed on the forums and the forums Show up Correctly in the scenery editor and i can place them without issues.However when i Build the package and move to my community ,All of the Materials absolutely refer to show up as you can see.However as soon as i open...
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    MSFS Imported Aerial imagery Cut in half

    SO i created a zoom level 18 ortho tile for accra which covers a but of the city that was butchered in bing maps.Evertything works well but after i load the ortho in the sim the Ortho suddenly cuts off at the halfway point . i thought maybe it was due to it being a large area so i created a...
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    MSFS Object Appears fine in blender/3ds Max but messed up in the sim

    Ive spent the last few hours troubleshooting this and simply cant figure out what the issue is. i exported a model from sketchup into blender like ive done hundreds of times by now but for some reason the textures for this building simply wont look right in the sim , ive tried exporting in all...
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    MSFS Projected Mesh not using PBR material

    so i figured out how to get a groundpoly in as a projected mesh however it doesn't seem to be using the reflective normal and Combined texture i created for it .When i place the groundpoly as a regular scenery object the reflections appears alright as you can see in the picture on the left...
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    MSFS Ground Poly Compression

    i tried exporting a ground poly from blender into the sim as a projected mesh.However for some reason the farther i get away from the texture the more it seems to compress and load in a lower quality (see video),Not really sure whats going on
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    MSFS Video tutorial on getting 3D models from google earth into the sim

    So as some Xplane developers would already know you can get google 3d models from the sketchup warehouse into Xplane using the objutilscombined script. And from Watching the blender GIS tutorial ive realized we can do the Same for FS2020 for areas without photogrammetry by using sketchup to...
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    Video Guide on importing Blender model into the sim

    So ive spent the past few days doing trial and error with the sdk and decided to put together a video to show you all how i finally got my 3d models from blender into the sim.Again not sure if this is the correct way and please let me know if there is a better way