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    Denpasar Bali airport in development

    I also tried it in p3d. All the buildings are there and it looks nice. But the frames are mostly in the single digits as well. Maybe a problem with p3d. I get around 30 + at other payware addons like ft ekch. Thanks anyways. I hope it can be made compatible with p3d. (Including the terminal...
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    FSX EDBC Magdeburg-Cochstedt WIP

    Super Volker! Freue mich sehr darauf! @ Heretic - i think since Ryanair dropped their flights from EDBC in 2013 there are no scheduled flights anymore, however some charter flights. But no hinderance for me to still operate some online flights there ;)
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    FSX Exeter International Airport

    I think it is Exeter International Airport! Great destination..... Thank you very much. Any information on a release date? free- or payware? Looking forward to it! chris
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    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    Thank you very much Volker! It was a pleasure to beta-test your magnificient scenery. Lookig forward to the next one.... ;) Chris
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    Spokane International Airport (KGEG)

    Looking awesome! Ground-poly really does make a tremendous difference - i honestly avoid any default-ground textures whenever i can.... Thanks for making this beauty! Let me know if you need some beta-tester! :D Regards, chris
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    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    Great news. Habe Dir gerade 2 PMs geschrieben wegen eines Beta-Tests, bin aber nicht sicher, ob sie wirklich durch gegangen sind..... Gruß Chris
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    FSX Another Difficult approach

    This is how BIIS looks right now in FTX Iceland. I'm sure your airport will be a nice enhancement! http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/67145-isafjordur/
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    FSX Another Difficult approach

    Hi, FTX is about to release their free iceland scenery - a demo to show their Global, Vector and OpenLC Version in combination. I'm sure it will be very nice and since it is free a lot of people will use it. Maybe you can make sure that your scenery blends in nicely...
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    FSX Another Difficult approach

    JUst a quick question from somebody who has no idea about scenery design. Would it be possible to have some snow on the apron and runway during hard winter? Especially with such a small airport and those harsh weather conditions it would be a really nice gimmick!
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    FSX Another Difficult approach

    Looks great!
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    FSX Another Difficult approach

    Unfortunately i do not really have any more material on BIIS (im living in germany, ;) ). You can check for pictures on airliners.net and jetphotos.net, but not too many there as well. Maybe via google picture search.... Looking forward to the project and let me know if you need a beta...
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    FSX Another Difficult approach

    Isafjordur Airport (BIIS) - very nice! Some RW teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv_c6vA8DXE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhSuRyG4rbE FTX is shortly releasing a nice freeware scenery (including vector landclass, autogen, etc...). Maybe you could make sure that your scenery blends...
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    Gardermoen 2017 - FSX

    I know i repeat myself. But please keep VAS-Usage in mind. The problem OOM has replaced the FPS-issue as the major culprit of FSX-grief. So you will always need to balance the visual details and VAS, because you will hardly find anybody today still flying with a vanila-FSX. Otherwise, looking...
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    FSX Bergamo Airport

    Looks very nice! We need more quality airports for Italy. Will it be Free- or Payware? Thanks and keep up the good work.
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    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    The FS9 version is already done and can be downloaded acvon avsim...
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    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    Very sad............. :( Vielleicht dann beim nächsten Projekt!
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    FSX Skysoft Simulation Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport ZGSZ

    Looking great! We really need more detailed for East-Asia!
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    MD-82 Experts

    Could it be a very well known italian company? That would be really great news since the systems are still top notch.
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    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    Auch gut, hoffe nur Du wirst fertig bevor der reale Gegenpart aus Mangel an Verkehr wieder zu machen muss.... :p
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    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    Vielen Dank Volker. As a FSX-Only user i will wait patiently for the FSX-Version. I hope she is not too far away, but take your time. It certainly looks stunning! Do you have already a new project in mind? (Maybe Sylt? I know it is included in one of the AS packages, but the quality is IMO...