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    Objects not appearing in P3D

    If the FSX objects are carryovers from FS9, can i get them to show in p3d?...i converted the textures from bmp to dds but that didnt work.
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    P3D v3 Converting FSX bmps to dds for P3D

    I converted bmp textures to dds and they are still not showing in p3d...the same objects/textures are showing in fsx so i know they are there...i dont know what else to do...
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    SODE subfolders?

    My apologies. I went to program files instead of program data ! But there was a 12bpilot SODE folder in program files too so I thought I was there. If that folder wasnt there I would have known my mistake sooner. Thanks again!
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    Cant delete stock bridge P3D V4

    Ive been trying to get rid of this default bridge for hours with no luck. Its the only thing ruining the great scenery at NZME. I tried FSX and the same thing there too. Any ideas?
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    FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

    i see it now...ill let you know...thanks!
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    SODE subfolders?

    Hi. I have instructions to put files in xml and simobjects folders...but i dont have those folders in my install...i tried putting them where i think they should logically be but with no success in getting the jetways to show...any ideas?
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    FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

    Hi. I cant fly the float plane...the plane does 40 kts on her own at idle...no matter how low i set everything.
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    How to light up the ground?

    Hi. I'd like to illuminate an area of ground, but without seeing the light source that is producing the light...I have the exact light poles that I want but they are just dead objects. I'd like to "make them" illuminate the ground. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    How to make dirt

    Hi. I have always wondered how to make dirt terrain features. I have a pic for an example. FSX.
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    What Triggers FX?

    Hi. I'm trying to make a flare go off in FSX when I fly by it. (SAR Mission) So far, it goes off immediately when I load the flight...and that's it, never again! So by the time I fly to it, it's already been triggered way before. How can I trigger the flare to only go off when I'm a certain...
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    Termial no, jetway yes?

    the problem im having is that the stock terminal is showing with an add on airport...the add on airport afcad does not have the stock terminal for me to delete, and when i made an exclude, (in the add on afcad) the terminal was gone but now so are the jetways.
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    Termial no, jetway yes?

    How do I exclude the terminal but not the jet way? I tried getting precise with the exclusion rectangle but it's not exact enough...I can't get a clean separation.
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    Land class removes autogen.

    Hi. I'd added a ground poly, but it seems to automatically exclude the autogen too. can I add a ground poly but still keep the trees over it?
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    Cant get rid of grass

    i got it sorted...i had to choose the option one up from the one i selected....
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    Cant get rid of grass

    I thought this would do it...but no luck
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    Cant get rid of grass

    Hi. I'm trying to get rid of the grass airport backround...I thought exclude mask class map would do it...but it won't go away!
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    FSX Everglades AirPark , Work in progress !

    was this ever released for us common folk!...no luck with the search so far...
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    Ice ground textures?

    Hi. How do I make an ice ground texture...The choices from the menu don't look like clear ice.
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    Missing section when making runway

    thats what i thought too...flatten didn't do it...
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    Missing section when making runway

    this is what i am trying to make....