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  1. atorque

    Helicopter controls

    Gear ratios is an easy way of achieving the sensitivity you want. The beauty about gearboxes is that you can change the ratio's for whatever machine you are flying. Among helicopters the controls do not all feel the same and the sensitivity is not the same at all. The differences in control...
  2. atorque

    Creating custom cameras in runtime

    Your ideas lead into an area that some may choose not to help with. I have found over the years that when you have a great idea you will only receive resistance to the idea. Most developers trump on about proprietary this or my idea that and simply dont share any of the good stuff. Any good...
  3. atorque

    Question about gimp and aircraft painting

    You will need a layered paint kit and you will need to learn how to work with layers. You will also need a fair bit of patients since any help you do receive on here will be very limited indeed.
  4. atorque

    FSX This could be why FSX performance is so bad...

    Talk about loose ends. I birdy told me that the underwater feature that P3D has was already there in FSX but the aces team had it switched off because they never finished the bathemetric scenery and programming for the variables used in the sub class vehicles. LM switched it on in P3D but did...
  5. atorque

    Instant Scenery 2; Wow!

    Especially handy if you use their library creator for all your models. You can then simply drop your models anywhere you want and instantly create whatever scenery you desire. I have used it since it came out and I could not imagine having to use the object placement tool anymore.
  6. atorque

    Need halp with animation

    Mark what is a splashplate? I believe the word you are looking for is Swashplate.
  7. atorque

    FSXA Bell 47J and Bell 47G for FSX

    Thank you much mate. I have done a few to be honest. Such as VBNAV radio, USA flight club and a few private customers also.
  8. atorque

    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    We must know the same birdy then because it is not as much of a secret as you think regarding the changes for V2.0 release. I personally believe that 2.0 should have been 1.0 and everything up to now should have been done with a "secret" beta team. (I will propably get flamed to death for this...
  9. atorque

    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    I have a reputation for being banned from forums simply because I believe if it doesnt harm anyone, then any topic is open for discussion. If I wanted to be stopped from speaking openly I would move to china. Regarding PPD: The people at lockheed say we should use their forum to get our...
  10. atorque

    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    So now we are being told what we can and cannot talk about. Some people really do take themselves awful serious. My personal opinion is if you dont like what is being discussed, THEN DONT READ IT. Dont bother flaming me, I wont read it....LMAO!!
  11. atorque

    Reloading FSX... :(

    Yeah dont waste any more time. By now you could have completely formatted and reinstalled. Whenver I start to run into issues like that, I know a person could rapidly waste many hours on trying to solve something unsolvable. So I simply format and start over. Advice you do not want to hear...
  12. atorque

    FSX Volumetric Grass Testing

    Im happy to hear I am not the only one. I was a little concerned that my english sucked.
  13. atorque

    FSX Volumetric Grass Testing

    There is a very dated post on this forum regarding the same topic and I experimented with exactly the same concept a long time ago. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21729&highlight=grass Here is the link. Scroll down about half way and you will see my post with exactly the same...
  14. atorque

    FSXA Bell 47J and Bell 47G for FSX

    And when I created the logo for your website, we agreed that my name would be in the contact page but I see you removed that also. Extremely dishonest.
  15. atorque

    FSXA Bell 47J and Bell 47G for FSX

    I was very sad to see my name was not in the readme considering I supplied all of the photos you used to create the textures everyone is raving about. Real shame. Guess that will be the last time I will ever help someone by giving hundreds of my own photos for a project as well as all the...
  16. atorque

    Commecial Flight Simulator took my scenery

    Simple....dont make freeware. I make alot of stuff but I never upload it anywhere, it is only for me. People ignore EULA and if you dont have alot of money for legal fees, then there is nothing you can do. So let that be a painful lesson to you. People dont really appreciate freeware anyway...
  17. atorque

    3d grass

    Yes any time you implement skin and bone you will get a frame hit, but it shouldnt be huge....I suspect something the matter. On my current project which is the R66 helicopter, I have alot of skin and bone animations and I still get the set frame rate.
  18. atorque

    Startup period help

    anyone else know anything regarding this subject?
  19. atorque

    Startup period help

    Using MOI to effect a change in startup speed seems more like fudging and less like an answer. Changing MOI will have adverse effects on other systems such as startup problems where the rotors refuse to come up to 100%. You will then end up fudging other numbers to achieve useability which in...
  20. atorque

    3d grass

    ORBX grass is composed of models. Basically the same concept that applies to trees. They have now taken it one step further by making the planes animated with skin and bones. Easily accomplished. I proved this to myself by creating swaying trees and grass. You can also add little animated...