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    Need help converting Gmax->Blender

    I'm not the OP, but I'm interested in this too. If there is a process to bring the model into Blender without losing the animations, I would love to know about it (as long as it's less complicated than re-doing the animations from scratch). I'm working on bringing an FS9 aircraft into XP11 and...
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    P3D v4 Boeing 247- does any FSX Native exist?

    If you want to get the model to a P3D native format yourself, this tutorial makes it pretty simple: http://www.calclassic.com/convert_tutorial/ The model will more than likely port into P3D without issues. However, if the addon has any DLL gauges, those will not work, as P3Dv4 only supports 64...
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    Absolutely Done with 3DS Max, looking for alternatives

    3DS Max has become too frustrating for me. It crashes if I click something the wrong way, it freezes if I breathe too loudly. I usually have to restart my computer when this happens, as it crashes very frequently and often does start up properly afterwards. My computer is beefy enough for the...
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    FSX (Released) M.I.T. - Maintenance and Income Tool

    I wish someone would create a plug-in that would read and interpret XML gauges, convert L:Vars to datarefs, and communicate with X-Plane. I've been trying to learn X-Plane development and it's all very foreign to me.
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    AI Ship routes for free

    Rikoo and Simviation users do that a lot. There are so many unauthorized re-uploads there. The worst is when people upload "FSX conversions" of FS9 aircraft when really all they did was add thumbnails.
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    Triggering xml event with a hardware button instead of mouse

    I think you can map releasing the button as a command in FSUIPC, not sure though.
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    Triggering xml event with a hardware button instead of mouse

    I took a stab at it, can't test it since I'm lazy, don't have the Carenado addon, and haven't bought FSUIPC for P3Dv4 yet. <Gauge Name="FMS Controller Assignments" Version="1.0"> <Update> (L:Stinger2k2_A,bool) 1 == if{ 65 chr (&gt;@c:IcaoSearchEnterChar) 1...
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    Triggering xml event with a hardware button instead of mouse

    This website is the Bible of FS9 XML, which works in FSX/P3D and is easier to write. I didn't know any XML when I read these, but they do a pretty good job of explaining. Go through the tutorials and look at some existing gauges and you'll have what you need in no time.
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    Triggering xml event with a hardware button instead of mouse

    Try writing an XML gauge that performs the same actions in that mouse script when a custom boolean LVar is activated. Assign your hardware button to that LVar in FSUIPC.
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    FSX Carenado 114 and Shorts 360 Panels

    I'm kind of tempted to buy Carenado's attempt just to see if I can fix it. You can really do just about anything with MCX and XML+XMLTools now, and someone clearly put a lot of time and effort into the 3d Cockpit so I'd hate to let that effort go to waste.
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    FSX Carenado 114 and Shorts 360 Panels

    I don't know if you still have the original source files for the gauges, but have you ever thought about bringing it into the 64 bit world? I'll bet a bit of MCX clickspot and animation editing magic could make the Carenado visual model work with your systems.
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    FSX Carenado 114 and Shorts 360 Panels

    Carenado also doesn't have the best track record of paying attention to details (their B1900 technically isn't airworthy since it doesn't have a standby ADI). As for the Short 360, this Avsim post has a pretty good rundown of things on it that Carenado got wrong; the poster compared the addon to...
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    P3D v4 Adding New Gauge Polygons to VC: a Successful Experiment

    I put the tutorial up a few weeks ago, it's in the Resources section: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/p3dv4-tutorial-adding-new-gauge-polygons-to-the-virtual-cockpit-without-the-source-file.236/
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    FSX New Panels & Question

    He didn't say it takes more time, just that the time it takes is not worth it. I made the 2d pop-ups for the Razbam Metro, and I was going to make a full 2d panel, but it got too tedious to tweak the bitmaps, find the right xml from the modeldef, and use that to write new xml for the gauges. I...
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    FSX New Panels & Question

    I think that 2d pop-ups are important for areas that in the real aircraft you would only need to quickly glance at to use. It's both difficult and unrealistic to look away from the instruments for a dangerous amount of time just to flip a switch that you could flip blindfolded in real life. The...
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    FSX Carenado 337 2D Panel

    I remember doing 2d popup switch panels for the Razbam Metroliner, the people here helped me big time. That's some fantastic work right there.
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    I Would Like to Start Flying Flight Simulator X

    I would pick P3Dv4 instead of FSX. It's based on the same game engine and is compatible with many FSX aircraft, plus it runs a lot more smoothly and is still actively supported.
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    Working at the P3D unit scale (3DS Max)

    Hey guys, I've been having a real headache with 3ds Max. After setting my model units and system units to meters so that I don't get an error message when I export, my model is a real pain to work with. Moving the viewport camera precisely is really difficult, and I can't zoom in as much as I...
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    E3 2018... No Simulators in sight...

    As someone else pointed out, this is an exact duplicate of an older thread (E3 2018 was quite a while ago). I think the original poster might be a bot.