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  1. johnman

    VB.net Google maps & simconnect integration

    https://fsxmap.com/ - Down in the bottom left corner of the window, they have different style map displays. - Johnman
  2. johnman

    MSFS Tired of sharing my creations

    It seems that Your work has been well received by some, which is probably about as much as we can expect ! Don't let the Jerks throw a blanket over Your Talent and Enjoyment ! Keep up the GOOD Work "D" !! - Johnman
  3. johnman

    Keep up the GOOD Work "D" - Johnman

    Keep up the GOOD Work "D" - Johnman
  4. johnman

    FSX vertical text

    thatswhatI'mtalkinabout - or posibly a loop ?? - Johnman
  5. johnman

    FSX vertical text

    Hello Adino, - Could You paste a jpeg, or bmp that You created in photo shop, or gimp ?? Or could You write Your text one letter , one line at a time ?? - Johnman
  6. johnman

    FSX FSX numbskull help

    You should be able to make backup of your instillation, then re install. If its steam, you have a provision in your steam account that will do this, OR drag out your FSX disk ! Keep your finger off the delete button !!! - Johnman
  7. johnman

    FS2020 Soud Alias

    Copy and Paste ?? - Johnman
  8. johnman

    Font Question

    In Your base directory for FSX is a Fonts Directory, Would it not be one of these ?? - Johnman
  9. johnman

    Aircraft editor contact points not maching gizmo

    Hi, if this is a Model that You are building, you may have to go back into your modeling program and re center the model to 0,0,0 and recompile it. - Johnman
  10. johnman

    PLEASE help guys! im at a loss...

    How old is Your Computer ? How Big is The Power Supply ? You may need a power supply Upgrade or Replacement ?? - Johnman
  11. johnman

    FSdeveloper is not very active recenly, is it?

    Do You think that non participation in MSFS is part of the problem ?? - Johnman
  12. johnman

    MSFS Cirrus Vision SF50 Bounty/Investment?

    https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/15333/fsx-red-bull-cirrus-sf50-vision/ - This may fly in MSFS, or possibly be up graded to fly in MSFS ?? - Johnman
  13. johnman

    Flip gauges in vc

    Have You tried FS Panel Studio ?? - Just a WAG - Johnman
  14. johnman

    What reference to use to model aircraft parts without Blueprints?

    Hello TopSwiss, to visualize yourself creating a tack sharp pin pinpoint accurate model, even with blueprints, is a delusion of fantasy ! What you do create is a pleasing replica of of something you will enjoy creating, in its likeness, and enjoy flying in the sim. There is nowhere in the Sim...
  15. johnman

    Interior vs Exterior

    Hello turble - This is the stage that I find Myself in My Cessna 152 - I use Helpers. ie Helper Exterior, Helper Interior. these can be assigned to Layers if You wish, or Hidden when necessary. Complete the Exterior model, including all the cabin and cockpit parts, perform a Hierarchy, Texture...
  16. johnman

    Old Firefox

    This might be a help - https://simviation.com/fsdesign_fsds.htm#google_vignette - ?? - Johnman
  17. johnman

    Old Firefox

    Snooping around on the internet, for FSDS 3.5 - I did find it on ebay, but it was a replacement copy, with out pass words. - Johnman
  18. johnman

    Old Firefox

    OK - Gottcha - Here's what We have so far. - Followed the link you sent me, and it was for a *.zip file ( Foxfire.Zip ). Zip is a file type Windows uses to package, or bundle Project Files. To open them up You need to Extract, or unpack them. I use a free program called WinZip. After unpacking...
  19. johnman

    Old Firefox

    Never heard of anyone building a plane in a Web Browser ?? Sure send it to me and we'll see what You got ? - johnman
  20. johnman

    MSFS A little help with skin and bones 3ds Max

    Hello "T", Heres a WAG for You. Either Re Attach Your slats, ailerons, flaps etc. back on the wing, making it a single object, add Your skin modifier, then break your bits back out again ? or go back to your original wing object, apply your modifier, make sure it works, and then break out Your...