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    MSFS EDDG Münster Osnabrück International Airport

    Nice! Really looking forward to my home airport - Day 1 purchase :) Will you also include the rescue helicopter station of "Christoph Westfalen", between the Schumacher Packaging factory and the Beresa Mercedes-Benz Center?
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    Westerland/Sylt | EDXW | GWT

    Nice one! Sylt is an interesting airport. Btw, is Münster/Osnabrück still on your list @Jetman ? :)
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    MSFS Wasserkuppe - EDER

    That happens, because the NavData adds the aerodrome on it's own. Navigraph does that, to add missing airports like EDER or even Stuttgart, EDDS. The only possiblity I guess, would be to find out which exact file is responsible for EDER in that data or to delete the Navdata update and return to...
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    MSFS Wasserkuppe - EDER

    Everything okay on my end. I didn't update the database with Navigraph though :)
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    MSFS Wasserkuppe - EDER

    Nah, not yet, as I am flying with P3D currently. But I'll give it a try later :)
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    MSFS Wasserkuppe - EDER

    @DLH2553 did you update the MSFS Database with Navigraph? Because, if I am correct, Navigraph is kind of adding missing airports, at least with a runway and some parking positions. It looks like, this happened here.
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    MSFS Grenoble Airport - LFLS MSFS/P3D4-5 Released

    Looking good, nice airport for the winter season :) If you take suggestions for future projects, Preveza LGPZ would be quite nice, as it's getting relatively much holiday traffic and has nothing really usable yet ^^
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    FSX Capital Region/Lansing

    Does anyone know what happended to this project? Just stepped over Lansing, while searching for the TUI 737 winterlease.
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    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    So, reinstalling openLC NA helped and now the full autogen is back! Thanks @embeee for your help! Looking forward to fly in and out of OAK!
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    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    Okay....so now something weird happened, even with KOAK deactivated, there is no autogen in the whole SF Bay Area anymore :D I guess something is messed up in my sim there, which doesn't have to do anything with KOAK ^^ Will have a look at it :) EDIT: Deactivated ORBX openLC North America and...
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    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    Yup. No other KOAK installed. As mentioned, normal autogen with KOAK disabled.
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    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    Back with the results :) So deactivating the 2 files you mentioned (CVX_KOAK.bgl and LC_1518.bgl) solved the problem of the black textures, so that's looking good now again. However, the huge exclude around the airport somehow remains... :/ Had Flightbeam KSFO active as well on the other side...
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    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    Thanks for the quick help! Not using Vector (not even installed :D ) but will try to disable the LC files once I've landed on my current flight. When I disable the OAK scenery, the area is completely normal indeed :)
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    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    Hey @embeee ! Just got your scenery today, have been looking for a decent Oakland for some time :) Unfortunately I got these weird texture bugs around the airport, displaying partly night textures. I am using ORBX openLC North America, but not ORBX NorCal. Had these around FlyTampa Toronto as...
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    Hurghada Airport | HRG | HEGN

    Nice, looking forward to the release, will be a great winter destination (hopefully :cool:)! Are Hamburg (EDDH) and Münster/Osnabrück (EDDG) still on your list as the next ones?
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    -RELEASED- Bremen International Airport | EDDW | BRE

    Well happy new year! :) That's great news to start the year for me :eek: that will be a must-have for me. Looking forward to Bremen, Hurghada and Hamburg as well :)
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    -RELEASED- Bremen International Airport | EDDW | BRE

    Just leaving some Airports here as possiblities :) For Germany maybe some smaller ones like Bremen, which are either not done yet, or not getting updated by Aerosoft in the near future: Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden EDSB, Münster/Osnabrück EDDG, Hannover EDDV (already a bit bigger) or Paderborn EDLP...
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    P3D v4 Cancun International Airport

    Finally Cancun. Was looking forward to a new scenery for years now :D Especially with the new Terminal 4, opened in October last year. Just leaving Cancun's T4 today, back to Germany on Eurowings ^^