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  1. crazieman_47

    Do you know how to add Custom Audio at your Airport

    As the title entices, I was parked at sitka after installing snow dog tours and realized there was audio playing of waves, and loons. I thought to myself what could make my scenery better? Sound! So I sought out to figure it out... no avail, no sdk, so Arno or anyone out there in the world...
  2. crazieman_47

    Request for aircraft designers...

    The loop hole in the legalities is this. 1. Name it something different (StreamGulf, or just Custom Jet) 2. Tag the line, "The representation of the aircraft contained within these files is a work of fiction and does not, and was not, intended to be in a likeness of any known, or produced...
  3. crazieman_47

    Update on 1.40 Release

    technical ones.
  4. crazieman_47

    Airports on the water

    you should be able to create a polygon exclusion for water and then put a polygon landclass ontop of what you want.
  5. crazieman_47

    FSX Acceleration P-51D Racer

    Never mind admin Got it worked out, and its posted on our forums. PLEASE DELETE THIS POST.
  6. crazieman_47

    Multiplayer development

    Well sir it is possible. The tool evades me but it is fsinn i think. I have seen it in our multiplayer server someone logging in with a KC135 and a F18 and flying with themselves and us flying with. The issue is Players, on a 25 player max if you bring in .ai planes you loose player...
  7. crazieman_47

    Tool for converting aircraft into static objets?

    been down this road with FSX stock aircraft. Issue arise with flaps being down rudder turned, and anything with Retractable gear have the gear up. It would be quicker to make your own. its not worth it.
  8. crazieman_47

    FSX Acceleration P-51D Racer

    Anyone out there worked on the ground control of this bird? There are some major issues with Taxi, tail wheel, and the fact that you step on the brakes and it bounces forward and just about hits the prop on the ground! IF anyone has updates or fixes please let me in on it!
  9. crazieman_47

    @ OWen Hewitt - CONGRATS

    It was a "inside joke" meant to be "inside" how grade 8
  10. crazieman_47

    Tower View

    here is a little trick. Create a new airport beside or ontop of the airport you are working on. Thus you only add a tower to your new "airport" and Multiple towers are yours, and they even will have their own name!
  11. crazieman_47

    @ OWen Hewitt - CONGRATS

    I want to go to this! (30 rock rip off) I searched up this baby but no avail? where do I get to look at it? I have his Bell from www.hovercontrol.com and only thing that comes up on google is this post!
  12. crazieman_47

    AI distance to User aircraft, FSX

    fsx is set this way due to in real life which they are trying to simulate you do not want a plane any closer than 20ft. This is not Fast and the Furious on the Tarmac! Taxi speed is just about the same speed you walk, distance is a Safe Distance. If the planes are catching up to you, you...
  13. crazieman_47

    ADE Autogen

    You'll want to create another larger poly around your runway, and tag it with Airport_Backgrounds_Remove_Autogen.
  14. crazieman_47

    Google Sketchup

    I asked a well known creator of many planes such as all the Battle Star Galactica, carriers and other aircraft about this issue. Delta Whiskey is his name and he replied that when you import from Sketchup to Gmax you have to flip the Poly's because they are backwards making them invisible...
  15. crazieman_47

    Stock Airplanes Turned into Scenery Objects

    roger, i've come to the knowledge through process and error. Thanks for your support!
  16. crazieman_47

    Stock Airplanes Turned into Scenery Objects

    as I see this might not be the best place for this question, but its relevant to the situation going on. Could you open Gmax with the fsx SDK, and then import a fs9 model, and then export it with the necessary source code for making it into a library object?
  17. crazieman_47

    Stock Airplanes Turned into Scenery Objects

    rgr Arno, I did just that last night, Created a new scenery folder plans/scenery/texture put the plane.bgl in scenery and the paint textures minus the vc junk into the texture folder, added my ADE airport with the planes placed and VOILA we got action. The only problem is they are stuck in...
  18. crazieman_47

    Stock Airplanes Turned into Scenery Objects

    I found library Creator xml, so I now just have to read up on it. search these pages for information, precisely how does it know which texture to use?
  19. crazieman_47

    Stock Airplanes Turned into Scenery Objects

    really... it is for FSX, so now I just have to do some research on creating scenery library. If your wondering i'm just asking the questions for the party's involved. could you by chance link me to some information on creating scenery library's? So that I can email these guys and let them...
  20. crazieman_47

    Stock Airplanes Turned into Scenery Objects

    I searched with different Parameters and could not allocate information on this question. Were trying to create some static airplanes for a movie scene and want to use the stock airplanes and some freeware planes with user permission. what we want to do is add them as scenery objects and...