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    MSFS Red and White Runway Numbers

    Jon Ive yet to get my accountant (she who must be obeyed) to release funds for 2020. I just let the OP know some of the potential work ahead of them was hopefully done. If any one wants to have a crack as it as we stand by all means try. I didnt realise it was the 2020 software that was in the...
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    MSFS Red and White Runway Numbers

    https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/parking-gate-ground-numbers-001-1000.237/ They are there ready made and are to be edited according - The process is documented as Custom ground poly in the ADE user manual.
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    The RJAA P3DV4 Narita Airport I'm developing, Share some pictures

    Well if this is your first project it's breathtakingly good. How good future ones will be as you develop will be a "something to watch" project for all of us. As our colleague stated if you had time to share what you knew , even to this level then you have raised the quality bar enormously
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    MSFS Disk Space Requirement

    I think scruffyducks caution words are well placed. For many there are too many areas that may require financial investment. If your going for 2020 then try it on your rigs first and then look further when you want to invest in the priorities
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    Purchase FS2020 from Steam or MS?

    I suppose if you gain "points" for purchasing from either thus allowing you to use these to buy something later on then I guess this will potentially by the guiding factor. Most people have a MS account and earn points for using big etc. Price will be the other issue. I suspect that its...
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    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I have to agree. Looking at the way this is initially marketed its a "game" and therefore gamers are the target audience. Simmers will be lower down the list because of the current limited airport/aircaraft. However its a start and MS will make sure that this works one way of another. Is it...
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    P3D v4 Troubles with modeling programs

    Specific dimensions in sketchup- rather than give a wordy explanation heres help link: (https://help.sketchup.com/es/sketchup/drawing-basic-shapes#:~:text=Type%20a%20length%20value%2C%20a,such%20as%203.652m)%20units.)
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    FS2004 SBuilder won't work after installed

    'stupid Windows 10 ' ok interesting. I had the same issue with fsx on win 10 - that also reported FSIUPC as a failed communication. Bob and Gary offered the helping hand I have links to go thought to get the latest version of everything (below is the link to that thread...
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    SBuilderX do not launch

    Positive step forward then!
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    SBuilderX do not launch

    Karlsplatz Karls assuming you have Win 10 64 byte on your machine. Look at this post that the guys helped me with - youll see I have had the same type of issues you experienced. tak time to go through it and download versions of software so that you have the same as the guys posted...
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    New to this.

    Look at this You tube tutorial. Its for a captains chest. However, it actually explains simply how to get the bevelled roof effect (the lid of the chest) its for basic level so might be of help getting the first effect down and then allow you to play with the process to get exactly what you want
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    New to this.

    Paul there is a brief, limited list of Blender short cuts in the resources area that might be of use to you initially
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    BLENDER _2.80_ Short cut keys. Basic edition 2.80_1_2020

    This is a basic key stroke listing for those with blender. Its aimed at 2.8 but many will work well in previous editions and those 2.81 and above at time of posting. Its not meant to be a full list, but a get "started list2
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    Windows 10.... Is there a risk on the update/conversion?

    This latter conversation piece reads like a Sherlock Holmes theory :rotfl:
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    Windows 10.... Is there a risk on the update/conversion?

    OH thats what a nice, neat desk top looks like! :rotfl:
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    Blender Blender 2.83 released!

    Working directly Working directly in VR ------------------ Oh, that would be the business!
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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    UPDATE: took it all off for XZY time, cleaned out the registry for equal time. , reinstalled again; went back and triple checked the google tile dll downloaded the latest version and over wrote existing TWICE. loaded fsx, fired up SBX running as admin. changed the tile server to that...
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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    @ Dick - Im running 64 byte so installed and uninstalled the 32byte version just to see if itll do something (anything) of course nil @JR - tried your steps - yes I get the show aircraft but nowhere so red cross hairs appear on a white background (at least something is showing) but when I use...
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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    Thank Gary. uninstalled FSUIPC - looked at latest in the moduls link - V6 is the latest and for PSD Have the same client as stipulated in the same forum. Have the version for 64byte FSX win 10. Tried uninstall., cleared registry , rebooted and started again. Loaded FSX(at egff) loaded...
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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    Downloaded again the 325 zip , uninstalled old and reinstalled, added the FSUIPC4 again. - tested - FSX live and AC on runway at egff. selected to fly AC to: - that could not communicate with FSUIPC4 Otped to show Ac - same message. tried all map setting options - nothing and SBUILDERx...