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    Engine Start?

    If it's a third-party aircraft then you might be out of luck. The programmer could have put code inside a C gauge to open the fuel flow and start the engine when the aircraft loads. If they've done a similar thing in a XML gauge then you might be able to find it if you extract all the gauges...
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    Engine Start?

    Generally it depends on what condition the sim was in when the aircraft was loaded (i.e. was the engine running in the previous aircraft when you hit Load Aircraft) or whether the engine was running when the flight was saved if you select Load Flight. That is assuming that there is no special...
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    how to free SC structs?

    I believe that data structures passed to a simconnect client are cleared up by the client simconnect library. I base this on my previous observation that if you copy the pointer passed to a global and then check the contents after subsequent simconnect callbacks, you'll see the contents are...
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    new variable values available in the next frame the soonest?

    Visual frame is your current refresh rate, and unless that's locked and never drops, it's likely to be inconsistent. Sim Frame is nominally 18Hz. This is the rate at which FS performs all it's calculations, gauge updates, etc. Typically, there's no need to get or set data faster than the...
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    FSX Developer for Dummies

    There is a section in the "GMax Bible" (ISBN 0-7645-3757-1) about making models specifically for FS, but I think that's FS2002, so is considerably out of date. The first port of call is obviously the FSX Software Development Kit (SDK) and its examples. And when you can't figure out the...
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    The sad truth is that litigation has become an industry in itself.. I think back to a time twenty years ago when as a teenager I wrote to BAE asking if they had any drawings of the EAP (a fighter technology prototype similar looking to the Typhoon) because I wanted to build an R/C model...
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    HiL (Hardware in the loop)

    The Simconnect IO for that would be quite simple. However, there are other problems you will need to consider: FS's flight modelling is not that well suited to very small aircraft like micro UAVs. How big is your aircraft? You will also need to create a SimObject aircraft that exhibits...
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    Using FSX as a simulator for external embedded hardware-in-the-loop simulation?

    I've used FSX (and later ESP) as 3D external awareness and camera payload visual feedback for a UAV simulator but in that case the dynamics were driven by different software. Si
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    Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D

    Bill, doesn't FSX already contain the ability to report XML errors, but you have to add the entry for it to do so in the fsx.cfg? Si
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    Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D

    Well it's too expensive for me to justify using at home also, but that's not its intended market. We've built a few sims at work and (assuming it meets the requirements) shelling out $500 for a platform instead of $50,000... well, you can see how we'd consider it cheap! :) Si
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    Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D

    It's not expensive at all. The trouble is that FS was, considering its licenced content, very cheap, made possible only by the vast numbers of units it sold and favourable licencing conditions from the content vendors for non-commercial end use. If you were to try to build a simulation of...
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    what drives sound?

    Have a look at the contact points in the aircraft.cfg. I think they determine what parts trigger what type of contact sounds. Si
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    FSXA Custom Gauge groups

    There's a GUID generator in MS Visual Studio, or a standalone one you can download from MS. I think it comes in the Windows Platform SDK also. Si
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    X3 Terran Conflict; the Space simulator.

    X3 is nice. I've played them all from X-BTF, through X2 to X3. The gameplay dynamic will be immediately familiar to anyone who ever played Elite, or Elite 2 Frontier. It's single player but feels like an MMO as the universe is so rich with other AI pilots, bullitin boards looking for pilots...
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    Master Switch not functioning

    This may be a completely unconnected problem, but I have observed strange behaviour related to the battery master before. When I've had Ultimate Traffic 2 installed, my master battery switches have no effect. The battery power is always on, regardless of whether the switch is in the on or...
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    no power gauge

    With a spoiler deployed though, your engine instruments would still read high power and the sound would reflect that, right? I would do it by putting a SimConnect client in a C gauge and intercepting and masking the throttle axis and key commands and then you could limit them to whatever you...
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    Radio Event

    You might be able to get around it. If the RMI guage is XML then you could change the variables it's displaying from A: variables to custom L:variables, and then create yourself a new hidden (null graphic) gauge that sets that L: var to either the A: 1 or 2 variable depending on an outside...
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    C SimConnect Client Data Area problems

    Disregard. I think I've found the problem. I have a watchdog thread which monitors callbacks to detect if the connection is lost in which case it tries to reconnect. Only my logic was flawed and it was triggering when it shouldn't and forcing a connection restart erroneously. Si
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    Overwrite joystick

    Assuming you already know you way around the SimConnect examples, the procedure is this: Map the event (using aileron as an example): hr = pSimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent(hSimConnect, EVENT_X,"AXIS_AILERONS_SET"); Add it to a notification group: hr =...
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    FSX Programming a damper

    Remember that if you're programming this to be time related, you need to take into account the simulation rate if it's to respond appropriately if the user opts to speed up time. (Not that I think many people really do this.) you can get the sim rate via a simulation variable. I've done...