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    How can I apply dirt decals over a detailed repeating texture for MSFS in Blender?

    Thanks for the replies! I tried messing with the Draw Order Offset, but to no avail. I've read somewhere that it only applies for when you have multiple MSFS Decals on the surface and need to control the order between them, but not between Decal and Standard. I noticed though that your decal...
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    How can I apply dirt decals over a detailed repeating texture for MSFS in Blender?

    Hi! Sorry to bump this old thread, but how did you manage to avoid flickering without offsetting the plane from the parent object? I'm using the Shift+D and P method to create a new object from a face, but even with MSFS Decal material I'm getting flicker if the new object is perfectly coplanar...
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    MSFS SketchUp to Blender - Migrate from Principled BSDF to MSFS Material

    Didn't find anything to do this conversion, so I decided spend a little time and code a little Python script for Blender to do the job. I'm quite new to Blender scripting (and Blender itself to be honest), so there's no UI interface with the script and you'll have to change some variables in the...
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    MSFS SketchUp to Blender - Migrate from Principled BSDF to MSFS Material

    Hey everyone! Long time no see! I'm trying to get back into scenery design and I have a few terminals modeled and textured in SketchUp and imported in Blender. They import fine, with all the albedo textures and UV, but they are all using standard Blender materials (Principled BSDF). Is there an...
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    MSFS Difference between LVAR, HVAR and SimVar

    Hi there! Pretty straightforward question, but can someone please explain the difference between all these types of variables, specially between LVAR and SimVar? I'm familiarized on using SimConnect with SimVars that are documented on the SDK, but I also see a lot of people mentioning LVARs...
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    MSFS Issues retrieving CDU text from PMDG 737-NG3 using SimConnect

    Managed to sort it out. I forgot to rename "PMDG_NGX_CDU_0" to "PMDG_NG3_CDU_0" and "PMDG_NGX_Data" to "PMDG_NG3_Data". The rest of the structures and code can be exactly the same as it was on P3D and NGX.
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    MSFS Issues retrieving CDU text from PMDG 737-NG3 using SimConnect

    I know, but this is a SimConnect forum, and the SimConnect lib also had some changes from P3D to MSFS, so the issue might not be exclusively related to PMDG.
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    MSFS Issues retrieving CDU text from PMDG 737-NG3 using SimConnect

    Hey everyone! A couple of years ago I've assembled an Arduino with a TFT display that shows the CDU text from PMDG's 737-NGX for P3D. I recently bought the NG3 for MSFS and was porting my code to the MSFS SimConnect, but I'm having some issues retrieving the CDU display data. I can send the...
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    MSFS Tweak autogen building heights

    Does anyone found a way of achieving this? I'm still trying to tweak autogen building heights but with no success 😞
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    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Is that the DUGA OTH radar near Chernobyl? o_O Been there in 2017, such an amazing place!
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    MSFS Tweak autogen building heights

    Hey everyone! Is there a way to tweak the height of autogenerated buildings? It's is doing a pretty good job positioning the buildings in my city, except they are all only 4 or 5 story high. I'd like to tweak the autogen so I can get some higher "skyscrapers" in downtown. I doesn't have to be...
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    MSFS Load new scenery package without restarting sim

    This is probably not the answer you were hoping, but I managed to get this done *once*. I did something that made the DevMode rescan the objects and I'm trying to replicate that but no luck.
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    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    You mean like applying one material to one face and another material to another face of the same object?
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    MSFS Solved: Where is simconnect.h

    ..\SDK\SimConnect SDK\include\SimConnect.h
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    MSFS SDK update 0.5.1 - Manual installation ? Whole project building ?

    Where did you find this SDK announcement? KR, Fergo
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    MSFS Help on How to Modify Default Airports

    I think you can fix that without having to create a new airport or modify the existing one, as you can create terraforming polygons not attached to a specific airport object. I'm not sure how familiarized you are with the new SDK, but try this: 1) Create a new project 2) Add a new package of...
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    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    Amazing work Vitus! Thank you very much for this! I'm playing with the MSFS Material Params panel in the Material Properties and I noticed something (not sure if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong, as I'm a Blender newbie). I've added an albedo PNG, a comp PNG (occlusion on R, roughness on...
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    P3D v4 Fergo Cockpit Camera - Virtual Cockpit camera presets

    Thanks! :D I've fixed some issues when using a joystick + keyboard hotkey combination. The installer is the same as above.
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    P3D v4 Fergo Cockpit Camera - Virtual Cockpit camera presets

    Hey everyone! After a few months in development, I finally reached a state where I can release my P3D addon "Fergo Cockpit Camera". It's a camera add-on that let's you setup multiple virtual cockpit views and assign hotkeys to switch to them (so you can have views for FMC, overhead...