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    Wanting a high (ish) fidelity CRJ-200 in P3D and/or MSFS

    AS did a CRJ-550 for MSFS, I believe it was the first airliner addon for MSFS. It should still be in the marketplace.
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    Wanting a high (ish) fidelity CRJ-200 in P3D and/or MSFS

    I think currently your only real option for P3Dv5 is the Aerosoft CRJ product.
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    MSFS #include $vc_directories

    Wrapping toupper in a putchar() function, works for me in WASM. As already mentioned , Windows functions or Windows SDK is out, you're pretty much limited to the package areas.
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    Creating replacement gauges for MSFS 2020

    Your XML gauges should work in FS2020, you should try them first before going through the conversion efforts. Its Probably best to peruse through the SDK before making any decisions on how to proceed regarding your project in MSFS. There are still some people using P3D, though the majority...
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    Making a 2D panel moveable in FSX

    Make sure the window size (size_mm), matches the width and height of the gauge(s) in the panel. If they differ the window edges may not be grabbable.
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    FS2004 Programming a C-gauge Autothrottle

    Check the SDK, there are some C/C++ gauge examples in there that might be of help. For which compiler to use, I'm assuming most devs used Visual Studio, which can cost some coin. But since apparently you are using an older version of FS (FS2004) if you can find an older version of Visual Studio...
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    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    I agree with you on that. With WASM it takes way too long to see the results of your code changes, and the debugging is pretty much useless. The main reason I don't go to JavaScript is all the code is visible.
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    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    In WASM it would be very similar to a .dll, the sub gauges can all be within a single gauge file.
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    Autopilot engagement using MCP or a separate switch

    Great! Glad you got it sorted.
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    Autopilot engagement using MCP or a separate switch

    Make a new text file in your /modules folder end with extension .mcro Example: File: ap_engage_button_clicked.mcro (place in FS../modules folder) [Macros] 1=L:AP_ENGAGE_BUTTON_CLICKED=1 This file name will display on the 'control sent when button pressed' menu in FSUIPC. See the...
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    Autopilot engagement using MCP or a separate switch

    Use the '_clicked' Lvars for input by setting them to '1' Ex : ap_engage_button_clicked , set to '1' to turn on the autopilot. This will ensure all the logic behind the button press is maintained. The Plane will reset the '_clicked' Lvar back to zero.
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    Autopilot engagement using MCP or a separate switch

    FS9 ?? Sorry didn't realize you were using FS9. That FSUIPC Lvars logging feature may not have existed in the fs9 version. Try using the xml_lvars gauge on doug dawsons site. https://www.douglassdawson.ca/files/XML_VARS.ZIP This gauge that will display all the current Lvars in use and their...
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    Autopilot engagement using MCP or a separate switch

    You can use FSUIPC to trigger a Lua script to set the Lvar. See this video for a example how its done.
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    Autopilot engagement using MCP or a separate switch

    There's nothing like Its because the autopilot button on the panel is in the off position. If it detects the button is in the off position while the autopilot master is on, it will turn off the autopilot. You'd have to set the Lvar 'autopilot_master_switch_clicked' to 1 to toggle the...
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    HTML5 JS gauge P3Dv5 VC display

    I believe the gauge surface coordinates are set by the VC modeller in tools like 3DSMax etc. Without that, your only option may have to be trial and error.
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    Images with MSFS JavaScript or c++?

    AFAIK Aerosofts CRJ is C++/WebAssembly so there is at least one good real MSFS example out there. I recently saw Leanardo's MD80 recent MSFS progress and from what I could tell it appeared to be WASM gauges. I would be shocked if PMDG isn't going in the WASM direction as well for their more...
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    MSFS Multimarking apron nodes

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the work you've done so far. I have been doing this workaround. I usually have to make a judgement call which will take longer waiting for the extra vertices to be deleted, or just making a new apron. But in general that works for now, unless the airport is really large...
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    MSFS WASM I/O error

    If the file is in your top level package folder try just a single backslash, or no dot backslash fh = fopen (".\default.ln3", "r"); fh = fopen ("default.ln3", "r");
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    MSFS Reading a setting in aircraft.cfg file from within JS

    I would assume it would be similar to how some c++ gauges in P3D can have their functions triggered by setting Lvars from an XML gauge (ex to play sounds). Very limited, but better than nothing. I'm not very familiar with js, but Loadfile() appears native to js, writing to files appears not...
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    MSFS Reading a setting in aircraft.cfg file from within JS

    This is possible from a WASM gauge, limited to the package's folders.