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  1. J

    Ortho for FSX and P3D

    we need p3d autoortho
  2. J

    P3d landing gear drag

    Hello, Can you edit landing gear drag of p3d aircraft? This aircraft, loses 40 knots when the gear is down, which is not convincing(irl pilot here, should be 10-15 knots for this size). Thank you!
  3. J

    MSFS MFS autopilot PID

  4. J

    MSFS MFS autopilot PID

    Hello, I've been trying to adjust autopilot PID numbers in ai.cfg(mfs 2020). According to SDK documentation, They suggest setting I first leaving P and D zero. Is this correct? I thought you always have to set P first? well so anyway I did what they recommended, rollPID = 0, 2, 0, 8.0, 100...
  5. J

    Problem With Stock Airport

    it's probably those XXXX folders in p3droot\Scenery\XXXX(4 digit numbers)\scenery
  6. J

    P3D v5 P3D v5 sloped runways

    hmmm I've been trying to understand aprons in v6(same as v5.3 I assume). would like to make it angled/sloped, following terrain. no luck so far. if I don't use deleteAllProjectionPolygons property in <DeleteAirport> tag, aprons stick to it's own assigned altitude. just flat. if I do, aprons are...