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    10m terrain mesh for MSFS

    Maybe this can help you https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/msfs-toolkit-by-nool-aerosystems.452363/
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    MSFS Editor changes "assistance" settings

    Make sure you do not have developer mode enabled, change your settings and exit the game. After that it did not change to easy again for me.
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    MSFS Tip: Loading Shortcut

    I still use my old link " C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App "-FastLaunch" " and have no problems. Maybe you have something else which linked to the .exe like FSUIPC or similar? I do not find it currently but I had installed...
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    MSFS Tip: Loading Shortcut

    Is the "Standard Link" still working or does it also crash? If you have a NVIDIA card make sure not to use 497.09 driver which leads to crashes, blue artifacts and other strange issues. And also check in Microsoft Store for pending updates.
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    Default gas station impossible to delete.

    I think they plan to improve the exclude system for SimUpdate 6. This was asked also on other platforms. https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/questions/628/sdk-scenery-editor-how-to-remove-power-poles.html The last post from Asobo can let us hope that we get improved exclusion options with SU6.
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    Collision meshes for aircraft [Blender2MSFS]

    Hi! It does not work for me... I tried a simple cube but I can just taxi with my plane right through it. Could you attach an example like a simple cube that works? And what kind of exporter do you use?
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    Collision meshes for aircraft [Blender2MSFS]

    Thanks! And for buildings we need to use something different?
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    Collision meshes for aircraft [Blender2MSFS]

    Hi, what are your steps to create a working "collidable" surface for scenery with blender? Which setting do we need to appy?
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    How to texture a radome ("ball")

    I also tried this as this is the way if you search for "soccer ball" in blender tutorials. But it still does not capture the parts beneath the perfect 5-edge-thing. I now gave up for the moment and will do a easy texture as a start. But if I find a real solution I'm glad to update it again :)
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    How to texture a radome ("ball")

    Yes thats also my problem - I do not have a "full" picture of every part of the roof. And the Polygon itself isn't "flat" - in the picture you see that its a "clean" ball from the roundness, but it is split into polygons... It doesn't need to get a perfect 1:1 from reality but even a good seems...
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    How to texture a radome ("ball")

    Hi unfortunately I do not have pictures from myself so I cannot post it here directly. You can find more photos if you search in the internet for "Radom Wasserkuppe" For example here: https://radom-wasserkuppe.de/
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    How to texture a radome ("ball")

    I also thought about something like this - but how to start? The goal is to get the "Radom Wasserkuppe" modelled. I'm not struggling with the unwrap itself (at least I think so). I'm struggling how to get a texture which is similar to the reality. So I like the idea to get the "lines" actually...
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    How to texture a radome ("ball")

    Hi! Substance Painter has "spherical UV mapping" -> But how can I create this texture itself so that it fits?
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    How to texture a radome ("ball")

    Hi, I'm thinking how I could get my radome corretly textured. You see those parts are repeating at the upper part of the radome and in the lower part its more randomly. But until now I do not have an idea how to get such a texture done. I have modelled a simple ball in blender and I use...
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    MSFS Anyone else have issues with patch

    Have you tried to check if you have some "duplicates" as the designers from your sceneries may not have followed the "rules" of naiming conventions? You can check with this tool https://de.flightsim.to/file/5972/modellibchanger
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    MSFS Freeware Released! - Dortmund for the MSFS

    You already know this tool? https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/msfs-toolkit-by-nool-aerosystems.452363/
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    MSFS How to add fictional airport to search menu?

    Did you enter an ICAO code of your airport when creating it?
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    MSFS Problem with a comp texture - its there but doesnt get compiled

    Hi, I think you would need to provide at least the png files to have a look.
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    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Hi, At least one hint: You do not need to include the slope in the terraforming option inside the runway properties. You can just set a normal terraforming rectangle over the runway with the intended slope and set the priority to > 13. Better 20. Then the runway will follow this slope wihtout...
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    MSFS Everything about CGL generation [Custom DEM works]

    This seems very interesting: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/msfs-toolkit-by-nool-aerosystems.452363/