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    How to put a single scenery in multiple locations

    Trying my hand at scenery, and have made a couple of aircraft carriers. Everything is fine so far, but I can't find any instruction on how to put them in multiple locations, as I've seen done elsewhere. Does everything have to be duplicated in the Scenery Editor but with a different lat...
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    P3D v5 From Substance Painter to 3DS Max to P3Dv5

    I've been trying my hand at making PBR textures through Substance Painter, but while the Albedo texture shows on the aircraft in P3Dv5 without a problem, the metallic and normal textures don't appear to be there. I've read through the other posts on exporting from SP, but I must be doing...
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    P3D v5 Animation holdoff

    Hi B-21. XML is something I struggle with, to put it mildly. The animation is supposed to work like this: 1. The door latch does not work while the canopy (0-100kf) is closed. Once the canopy is fully open (100kf), then the latch animation can begin to work. The code is supposed to check that...
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    P3D v5 Animation holdoff

    Thanks for having a closer look. The door incremented latch code itself works without a problem, and so am tempted to not mess with it. It's getting it to not to work until the EXIT OPEN:1canopy is open is where it's giving the trouble. I really thought the els{ 0 } etc. would do that.
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    P3D v5 Animation holdoff

    Thanks, Tom. Unfortunately, no luck, with that format or any other I could think of. Canopy opens and closes without a problem, but while the latch tooltip shows up, there's no animation there. It's puzzling, because I've done other similar ones before (but most have been bool operations).
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    P3D v5 Animation holdoff

    Many thanks. I've tried with some variations of the below, with no luck, assuming the '95 less than' might take care of it. Would it be possible to suggest the correct syntax? I'm stumped. <Code>(A:EXIT OPEN:1,percent) 95 &lt; == if{ (L:door_latch,enum) 33 * + } els{ 0 } </Code>
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    P3D v5 Animation holdoff

    Hi there. There's an animation that needs to wait for another variable to be done before becoming active. I've found ways in the past, but am clearly doing something wrong this time. In this case, the canopy must be open before a latch can animate. The basic latch anim is this, and works...
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    P3D v5 Animation Speed

    Thanks! Yes, that was it. Stupid oversight. For some reason I did it correctly on the other gauges....
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    P3D v5 Animation Speed

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me, as ever my .xml skills are poor at best. A door needs animating: one click opens it just a little (say 5%), the next click opens it from there to all the way. The code below works ok, but needs to be slower. Right now, it just jumps to the two...