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    Effects Switches and Variables

    Actually Jessy, this is the FS Wishlist forum threads and I don't believe it was specific to scenery. Also the suggestion for these things also affects ground scenery design as well, and was really about FX and XML code which does have an effect on scenery design also... :wave:
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    Looks like it has made it in to FSX
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    Native AI Shipping Code

    Yes, it's in FSX as far as I can tell!!! At least there are moving boats in FSX...
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    Autogen Wildlife

    Yes, it's in FSX !!! lol and they move!!!
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    Autogen Cars for Roads

    Yes, it's in FSX !!! lol and they move!!!
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    Ground Shadows for Clouds

    Yes, it's in FSX!!!
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    Realistic Water Textures

    Yes, it's in FSX !!!
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    Arno - I need a simple tool....

    Hey Arno, Thanks for this, I just noted the post... You rock man... dank u zeer :wave: My goodness I hadn't even checked the thread in a while... Downloading as soon as I get home... Deano :wave:
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    Developers Question - Concept Possible?

    Traffic Tools only compiles data from a proprietary format. There's been a lot of development work on the AI side of things... Traffic Tools only decompiles the data contained in the BGL not the header information and such that shows the extent of the traffic scenery file... In...
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    Developers Question - Concept Possible?

    Okay, BGLXML said it was an invalid XML file... Time to chase up a few leads like the author of BGLXML and the AI Traffic Serparation authors, and see what we can come up with :) The challenge will be finding a decompiler that can decompile the traffic.bgl successfully... I'm guessing it's...
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    Developers Question - Concept Possible?

    Okay, here's the preliminary results.... Okay better than I expected... It is listed as a BGL with an airports and facilities directory... Will tryn crunching it through BGL2XML now as I suspect it will read the data and assume it's just a regular scenery file...
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    Developers Question - Concept Possible?

    :rotfl: one work "hack" :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Actually it shouldn't be too different from a dynamic scenery BGL... Am going to check now... Sorry harrowing couple of days, a co-worker (one of our news anchors) was killed in a car accident two days ago, and tonight my tyre/tire blew...
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    Developers Question - Concept Possible?

    Nah traffic tools won't let you do it... I think I need to decompile my traffic BGL to XML code and take it from there. Traffic tools only operates on flight plan algorithms and they don't have any code in their stuff for date based scenery calls... Let me look up my traffic.bgl real quick...
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    Developers Question - Concept Possible?

    Yeah, this is kind of a different step, it's along the lines of what is done with scenery BGL's... Wish I wasn't at work so I could run some tests... Dean
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    Developers Question - Concept Possible?

    I'm posting this here as well as I know scenery designers have experience with this stuff, in terms of date coding scenery... I've been developing freeware stuff for FS since the days of FS4.0 and I've been working on a retro AI flight schedule... It led me to a couple of thoughts and I'm...
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    Taxiway directions

    To be able to designate a taxiway as primarily inbound or outbound.. This helps with stopping aircraft taxiing head to head... Also taxiways based on aircraft MTOW to be able to separate GA from Airliners...
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    Realistic Water Textures

    Ever since FS4, the water colour in FS has been off... It would be really wonderful to have the water colour look more realistic...
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    Effects Switches and Variables

    On Aircraft it would be really helpful to be able to assign new switches for effects... Currently I'm having to code light switches to turn on certain effects files for aircraft... It would be great to have an option to XML code a switch with a title name etc so we can have customizable...
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    Library Creator XML GUID problems

    Hey Arno, I'm wondering are you using the MS GUID generator tool in your process? Apparently this should create completely unique GUID's... I'm not sure the validity of the MS SDK claims but it might be worth looking into ;)
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    Watermasking Problems...

    Thanks to Dick, aka Rhumbaflappy, I've been able to track down the problem with some experiments... If you have a photo scenery master that has blocks of water, you need to make sure both the value of the RGB and A are all at 0,0,0 for both the texture and the master tile.... From what I...