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    Cockpit shadows

    The documentation on this is very poor. But I've found essentially you just want it to cover the entirety of your VC to get higher-res shadows in there.
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    MSFS Wwise crossfade distortion/scratching

    Just adding to this topic again as I think changes made on the default values by ASOBO broke this recently, you must now select "Continue to Play" for "Virtual Voice Behaviour" under "Advanced Settings" for your blend container. Cheers.
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    MSFS Wwise crossfade distortion/scratching

    Hi. The method above works well in my case. I’ve mixed my engine audio now and eliminated the scratching noise between tracks. I’m not to sure what you mean regarding restoring the original pitch. If you had a track that was the correct duration but a different pitch in source it is unlikely...
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    MSFS Wwise crossfade distortion/scratching

    Hi Mathias, I've been down the rabbithole on this problem today, I think I have found a solution now but it's fairly convoluted and not perfect. It's also late so I may find a flaw in it in the light of day 😄 I am modifying all of my audio tracks to have the same fundamental frequency, track...
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    MSFS Wwise crossfade distortion/scratching

    I think the distortion is due to the waveforms being offset during the crossfade. The fundamental frequency is the same if you have adjusted the pitch correctly, but the waveforms themselves to not line up. Not sure how to reliably and repeatably synchronise them in Wwise though (I can...
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    MSFS Find normalised mouse movement or screen size.

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked or is obvious. Trying to work with mouse events in MouseRect, but am not sure how to get a normalized mouse movement. Currently, everything is more sensitive at higher resolutions due to pixel density. Fetching the current sim resolution would also allow...